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Emerald popcorn or emerald green popcorn (Chalcophaps indica) is a species of bird columbiforme of the family Columbidae, that inhabits in South Asia and Oceania, from the Indian subcontinent until Australia. It is the bird symbol of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.


The common emerald pigeon is a medium sized chubby pigeon, typically 23 to 28 centimeters in length. The back and wings are a bright emerald green color. Flight feathers and tail are blackish, and large black and white bars are shown on the lower back during flight. The head and lower parts are dark pink wine (in chrysochlora, more coffees in longirostris), disappearing to grayish in the lower part of the abdomen. The eyes are dark brown, the beak bright red and the legs and legs are reddish.

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The male has a white spot on the shoulders and a gray crown, which the females lack. Females tend to have a more brown complexion with a gray mark on the shoulder. The immature birds resemble the females but have brown scallops in the plumage of their body and wings.