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GRR Bird Tissue

GRR Bird Tissue

If we talk about eagles, we are talking about one of the most wanted animals when it comes to getting tattoos on the body around the world. They are usually seen as magnificent birds that soar through the clouds and feed on smaller birds or other creatures, where their main characteristics are well defined, such as strength, dexterity and superiority.

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While you can not deny the beauty of this majestic bird, there are also many legends that help to power a decision to choose it as a design for our body. Eagles are birds that nest on mountain peaks and large trees. Their eyes are so intense that even the most courageous puts them in a state of fear.

Characteristics and meaning of eagles tattoos

Are eagles tattoos are very popular designs in the members of the armed forces. Although in the Latin culture it does not stand out, for the American culture it is all a symbol. Eagles are used as an element of memory towards fallen soldiers by their relatives and loved ones. Dedication for those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

The eagles symbolize strength, intelligence in attacking their prey, quick action and decision in doing so. As every bird is related to freedom thanks to its flight completely at ease. In eagle designs we see other elements that accompany it as texts, phrases and much color.

Photos and designs of eagles tattoos

The eagles are beautiful and fascinating birds, and have appeared in many stories and legends throughout history. In Grace, for example, the eagle was venerated as a bond to the God of the sun. In the Nordic culture, the eagles were associated with the Wisdom, represented by the god Odin. Among the Native Americans the eagle is a symbol of pride and courage.