A house made of recycled pallets

A house made of recycled pallets

A house made of recycled pallets

It is becoming more common that when it comes to building a new home, ways are sought to lower the cost but maintaining a high quality construction. In this sense, the use of recycled materials is a field that is becoming very important and it is no longer surprising to find houses built with materials and objects unthinkable until a few years ago. You can see a clear example in this guest house in which transport containers were used and the result is amazing.

In the subject we are dealing with today, we will focus on a house built for a farmer where the material

A house built for a farmer

The main project today was commissioned by a farmer who sought to build a home where he could take refuge periodically when he had to go to work in his field. I looked for a house as comfortably as possible and in which there was no lack of detail, but with the proviso that was not excessively expensive . The house would only be used by him and only a few days a week, so it did not have to be too large to meet these goals.

To achieve the objective of reducing costs, was to reuse an old cottage that already existed in the area but was in ruin, but from which certain parts could be used for the final project.

The total area of ​​the house is 90 meters square in which we find a kitchen, a dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom. To this it is necessary to add a small outside patio at the end of the house , where we also find a secondary bathroom with access independent of the house and that was intended for the use of workers. p>

The main problem was the isolation

What was done was the use of pine wood partitions which in turn were lined with a moisture barrier system . To all this, a second layer of wood raised from the disused pallets was added to it. With this second layer, a coating is created that creates an air chamber that ventilates the facade, improving in turn the thermal insulation of the house, getting it to be cool during the hot months, and a barrier that prevents entry

On the other hand, sliding blinds were installed all around it to protect the house from the entrance of sunlight, wind or any other weather phenomenon, and can be regulated by the user at all times. In addition, they also offer a security system, offering a total enclosure for when the house is uninhabited.

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On the roof we also find a double layer system that is presented on the outer cover and was designed to allow air intake , provide some shade and to lower the roof temperature in the summer and protect from the cold during the winter months.

The furniture we see, could perfectly well be made from the recycling of wooden logs, but in this case, they are old furniture restored by the owner of the house, and that being wood, combine perfectly with this peculiar wooden hut.

If you remember, at the beginning of the entry it was commented that you were looking for an economic project. Finally, the construction of this house went for <400 $ square meters , a very affordable price thanks to the use of recycled materials.

What did you think of this house?

You can see more images on the site architecturelab, where we have seen this unique country house.