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Moss (pink) - WikiVisually

Mossy Roses , also called Mossy , is a group of ancient garden roses, which are based on a pink x centifolia mutation, rose Provence or rose cabbage, some with apricot roses like the other parental.

Mossy roses carry resin-bearing glands in the sepals that often give off a pleasant woody scent or balm when rubbed. Mossy roses are not only appreciated for this unique trait, but also as a group that have contributed to the elaboration of new rose classifications.

Mossy roses with centifolia background are blooming all at once; some moss roses exhibit repetitive bloom, indicating the apricot filaments of autumn. Examples: 'Common Moss', 'Mousseline', also known as 'Alfred de Dalmas' (Autumn moss apricot).

Old Rosales are varieties that existed before 1867 They are little known in today's market. Little by little they are used more, because they are incredibly strong and robust.

They do not require much care as they have less pest and disease problems.


Mossy roses have appearances to ancient rose bushes.

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Slightly dense shrubs but very attractive by the foliage and the hairiness that appears in the lower part of the calyx, which looks like moss or mold .

Small-sized shrub development. The leaves are generally dark green.

In summer they produce double to full double flowers.

They need protected position. They are recommended for terraces and borders.