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To completely experience a culture one must inmerse oneself in the different aspects of

To completely experience a culture one must inmerse oneself in the different aspects of

Uruguayan food has its origins for a long time.

Did you know that Uruguayan gastronomy is a product of a combination of immigrant cultures? So that's it. Its foundation was in the middle of century XX and, mainly, contributed Spanish and Italian, and to a lesser extent English, German and French. That is why you will find dishes of fish, seafood and / or pasta. In addition, it should be noted that thanks to the soil and climate of Uruguay, cattle are abundant. This has contributed in a great way so that the Uruguayan meat is very appreciated in the whole world and is constituted in the main food of this country. Now that you know a little about the history of Uruguayan food, I will introduce you to some of its typical and popular dishes:

Uruguayan pizza follows the Italian model, but adds other special ingredients such as cheese muzzarella, mushrooms, anchovies, fish, bacon, pineapple, Roquefort cheese or chopped morrón. Also, within the Italian-Uruguayan menu is the so-called figazza (derived from fugazza); This is made with pizza dough, although without tomato sauce, and its main ingredients are the onion, the red pepper (pimiento) and the fainá of ​​chickpea flour. Also typical is the so-called pizza on horseback, which is covered with fainá.

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3. Fried cake

Fried cake is a variant of sopaipilla. Its main feature is that it is a mass cooked in a fatty liquid, such as fat (vaccine or sheep), shortening or vegetable oil. The basic ingredients of this cake are: wheat flour, salt, fat or oil and water. There are those who add yeast to the dough, egg, milk or sugar. Usually its shape is circular and has a small hole in the center, like a navel.

Sounds provocative these dishes, right? These are just some of the Uruguayan dishes, since there are many more; and if you want to know them and try them I recommend you visit the restaurant Cayena. Here you can enjoy all the delicious Uruguayan gastronomy. We will wait for you!

Enjoy the best Uruguayan food in Cayenne.