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03_EX-Tenencia carreteras

03_EX-Tenencia carreteras

The importance of water in our lives is not only about the fact that their consumption is water, rivers, lakes, sea or oceans plays an essential part in our lives (so that we can continue to breathe the oxygen we need), so it is vital to fight the accumulate in water year after year.

Millions of tons of plastic waste are deposited every year in the water, affecting natural ecosystems and by extension to us (think we can get to feed on fish contaminated), so it is necessary to implement systems that are capable of eliminating all these wastes.

Many companies are looking for solutions, some also apply them, but the truth is that there is nothing surprising with original ideas that also work.

A 19-year-old boy invented a method to cleanse the oceans in a decade

A 19-year-old boy named Boyan Slat was diving with friends one day, when suddenly they ran into what they seemed to be jellyfish, and they turned out to be a heap and plastic waste.

That was when he came up with The Ocean Clean Up, in order to develop a method to clean the oceans and that would be quite feasible, to the point of being able to do a progressive cleaning of the vast majority of the marine residues in only a decade.

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The project has been feasible thanks to crowfunding funding that allowed it to test a system that is able to flush the water with the rotating marine currents and is also more economical than it might seem.

Apparently the system saves a lot of cost in labor and infrastructure and is also simpler of what it seems.

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