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Hello Girl @ s! How do you wear it!

I very well! Here already with the proximity of Autumn and these opaque and rainy days!

Today I want to share with you 3 gadgets chinorriles Jejjee! I have purchased it on Ebay, and also teach them the way I keep my accessories and my small collection of makeup.

To continue I want to say that everyone has his way of organizing his things, today I present mine , maybe not the most practical but is the one I have achieved and for reasons of space I can not have a better organization. However, I still see ways to make it as comfortable as possible.

The first thing I want to teach you is a blanket for calling it that way to store my accessories, jewelry, etc.

It's super simple and practical to have everything in one place, has 80 compartments, divided in front and back. There I keep all my jewelry, including necklaces, rings, pendants, bracelets, pigtails, earrings, among others.

The only glitch I see is that as you put weight on it goes like a little curl, it is not planito, because it is a very hard fabric and the top is like a hook hang clothes but the bar is not so thick as to stand erect. But he's good enough. It is the first device to organize that I wanted to teach them and buy it as I said before on Ebay.

So I finally got everything organized and in one place! Now I have room, Muajaja. = 0)

As we are talking about organization, I started to teach them how to keep my Gujandas jiji, and taking advantage of the fact that the cold is coming, I am dusting off the winter.

a hook and there I have them all, I'm a compulsive Mania of the Scarves, I love them!

Then I put the hook in the closet as if it were a jacket or more Americana. And ready!

IKEA, is a very nice color, but I do not know how to use it.

dark brown, almost black (Jajajja that is a new color), which consists of 5 deep drawers, I use only the first drawer for makeup because the rest are other things of my husband and mine.

I have some boxes that divide everything, I also bought them in IKEA , and they are very useful.

I am not that it is the kills of order! Jajajja but I try to organize everything in the best way possible for me.

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I have everything divided, there are 7 boxes, so in the first place powders, illuminators, dark circles, suntan powders, blushes, and lipsticks In the second, I place small palettes of shadows, individual shadows, samples of creams, samples of lipsticks, among others. In the third box, I put all masks of eyelashes. In the fourth lip gloss, gloss, etc. In the fifth the liquid bases, bb creams etc, and in the sixth everything for nails, nail paints, top coats, files, cutters, design inserts, among other things. / p>

At the top of the furniture I place all the shade palettes I have, which are stacked in the back and not seen much, facial care, masks, creams, brushes and make-up brushes. And good some little things and reminders.

This is the whole organization of my accessories and makeup! jejje

As I told you I still have to show you 2 more gadgets that I bought on Ebay.

I personally wanted a looser bow so I forgot the first step was to make a ponytail, and I put the hair in the magic sponge and I continued with the rest of the steps.

And I stay that way! Very nice and super easy!

The next gadget is a facial epilator, if lol, for those who want to get rid of some annoying facial hair.

Beautiful must see stars! Jajajja

This tool takes the facial hair and starts it from the roots, you feel a small pellisquito but bearable, as it is a spring so to speak, as it goes around the face with it, it catches everything get in step and I say everything you get in your way, because I used it and without noticing several hair were trapped in it. JAJAJA

The good thing is that as the root hair starts, it takes time to leave again, besides that with the constant use it weakens the hair making it come out much more finite or stop coming out.

In the end it seems to me that this is fine if you want to remove a few little hair from your face, as is my case, but if you have too many I would not dare I think it is strong.

Well chic @ s this is all by this entry! I hope you like it!

And you? What beauty gadgets do you use? How do you think I could organize my things better?

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