Overgrowth in Spanish

Carmen Flores Lopez

Carmen Flores Lopez

"Sans? Sans! Sans, wake up, please, I can not - I can not - "

He wakes up because someone is screaming his name on top of him. There is a light that is being obscured by something, and when his sight is clear, the face of the human is above him. The top half covered by flowers and that, but it's Frisk, the light above her acts like a halo behind her head, wet and she may crying but she is not sure. Flowey is on his chest and also sighs with relief when Sans wakes up.

"He's awake," the flower declares.

Frisk exhales and then leans back. He sobs and then lets out a tearful laugh.

Sans tries to get up, ends up contracting in pain and then lies down again. Undyne will not chase them for a while.

Frisk palpates around his chest to take Flowey off and put it on the bed. Yes - the flower bed on which they have landed. Things were thick enough to stop the fall. They are golden too. Like the ones Frisk has. He thinks that if the child lies down, they will mix well.

"Do you mind if we are here for a while, honey?" He coughs faintly, "I'm tired to the bone now same. "

Frisk laughs and snorts without elegance. Sans smiles anyway. Papyrus rarely laughs at his jokes.

Carmen Flores Lopez
Carmen Flores Lopez @DEFENSORAFLORES

"Yes. We're not going anywhere, "Frisk says," I can not see without you anyway. "

He is dumb for that. The half of flowers that have invaded the human are his fault. By her own act of killing her, betray her by telling her where her brother was, and by neglecting his health.

He has not taken off his jacket since he gave it anyway. "You're not sick from the water again, are you, girl?"

Frisk shakes his head.

He makes a little noise of satisfaction and closes his eyes, exhaling. p>

"For forgiving her," he says.

Sans just moves his mouth in that curiosity-confused again. Frisk raises a hand slowly and carefully tries to put it on his cheek. The skeleton stiffens as she moves her fingers down his cheek and next to his mouth.

He laughs faintly, "I wish I could see your face. You feel funny right now. "

Sans looks where his right eye once was. "It was a monstrosity anyway, sweetheart," he says. The human seems to disagree while denying with his head again.

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