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The Holy War and the God of Death III

"The Rose and the God of Death" the story ~

???: "Where am I? If I'm not mistaken ... I remember being chased ... I was shot by an arrow ... and I lost consciousness ... "

Albers:" I'm glad you woke up. You're good? My name is Alvarez. I'm a commander of the army that attacked your village ... That was me ... but now I've become a prey ... However ... that's just an excuse ... Do you hate me? "

???:" If I said ... no, I do not hate you ... that would be a lie ... But you are my savior, and I want to believe in you. "

Albers:" I am from Belgium. I am an Albelge & lt; foreign & gt; who sought refuge in the ancient land of Flanders, to take revenge for my destroyed country. Miss ... you know what that means? My hands are so stained that there is no salvation ... First I attacked Preuzehn only out of hatred ... Then Lombardo, to make sure I was well received in foreign countries, later ... To fulfill my own desires ... Destroy, Castilla ... < / p>

Even today, when I close my eyes, a certain landscape appears vividly. There is a place I want to recover at any cost. Long ago, His Majesty Childebert VI promised me ... On the condition that he will conquer a country more ... For example, Britannia ... He would grant Belgian rights to have his own autonomous government ... I tried to buy my own country ... at the expense of the countries other people.

I am a complete idiot ...

???: "Yes ... if you are a complete idiot, then you will not mind me killing you right now, right? Albers: "Ah ... do what you want ... I've made irredeemable mistakes ..."

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There is no story you can not remedy ... that's why it's so important. That's why we create a new story ... An idiot ... is not someone who makes a mistake. Albers: "Miss ... you are strong ..."

???: "Yes, it is the one who realizes its error and does nothing to amend it ... Right?"

... of course I'm strong. After all, the future of this country lies in me. "

Albers:" The future of this country? I had heard that the Queen of Britannia was a young woman, but ... Do not tell me ... you are ...! "

Rose:" Rose Guine Avalon Yes ... I am the queen of

Albers:" I ... please forgive my discourteous behavior in ignorance of His Majesty's identity ... " p>

Albers: "Please! Do not be so straight! I do not like that. Just call me Rose ... "

Rose:" Even so ... You are the famous Albelge ? Jiji ... who would have believed ... It is as different as I had imagined it ... I thought it was a man as big as a bear ... "

... But better put an end to this matter of Albelge Arbelge? That's much better, hey, what do you think ?, haha ​​"

What's up? He's been watching my face for a while ... "

Albers:" No ... when I saved you, at first I thought you looked like a certain woman, but ... "