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El Jardín de Chlo

El Jardín de Chlo

In the botanical genus Caesalpinia the most popular planted species is Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Clavellino). Endemic to the tropics of America. It is a very common plant in the Dominican Republic.


It is a shrub or small tree 3 m high. The leaves are bipinnate, 2-4 dm long, with 3-10 pairs of pinnacles, with 6-10 pairs of leaflets 15-25 mm long. and 10-15 mm wide. Flowers in clusters of 2 dm long, each flower with 5 petals yellow, orange or red. Fruit legume 6-12 cm long.

It is a striking ornamental plant, very cultivated in tropical gardens. It is the "National Flower" of the Caribbean island of Barbados.

Caesalpinia pulcherrima - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In India it is found in tropical rainforests. With its beautiful yellow, red and orange inflorescence, it is called "Ratnagundhi" colloquially.

Requires warm area and good sunny exposure, not being very demanding. It is used alone or in groups. With pruning it is formed as a tree.

Medicinal use

Amazonian shamans have traditionally used it; known as ayoowiri . The juice from its leaves heals the fever, the juice of the flower is used for pains, and the seeds for coughing, breathing difficulties, and chest pain. 4 g of the root induces abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy Caesalpinia pulcherrima was described by (Linnaeus) Sw. And published in Observationes botanicae Caesalpinia : generic name given in honor of Andrea Cesalpino (1524-1603), botanist, Italian philosopher;


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