House Picaflores | Caribya!

House Picaflores | Caribya!

House Picaflores | Caribya!

The owners of House Hummingbirds are focused on providing the true rainforest getaway experience in combination with a full array of amenities and luxuries. The property offers tranquility, comfort and room to breathe. At night you'll listen to the enchanting melody of the tiny coqui frogs, and you'll awake to the sounds of tropical birds, fresh picked fruit, lush green foliage and beautiful sunshine.

The hotel is set in a tropical wonderland featuring many different tropical flowers and trees, including Bird-of-Paradise, Flamboyan, Heliconia, Orchids and several different species of Flowering Ginger. Paths lead to a rainforest stream located on the rear boundary of this large property, which offers the perfect location for yoga, a cool dip in the water, or just some quiet contemplation.

a heavily-forested tropical farm where banana, coconut, passion fruit, acerola, breadfruit, soursop, orange, sweet lemon, tangerine, jackfruit, grapefruit, lime, avocado, mango, starfruit, jabodicaba, cocoa, canastel, and other varieties are grown.

With a decent variety of recreational opportunities, travelers choosing Casa Picaflores should not find shortage of exciting activities.

Situated in El Yunque National Forest, 6.9 miles north -northeast of downtown Humacao, Casa Picaflores welcomes guests who are interested in staying in this neighborhood or nearby. It is 7.0 miles north-northeast of the center of Humacao.


Villa Picaflores has several choices of accommodations, each of which offers a great way to relax, surrounded by tropical beauty .

The largest (and most costly) option is a gorgeous three-bedroom home with two full baths and a spacious, fully-equipped kitchen. It also has an attached laundry room with full-sized washer and dryer.

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The cabin is a good option for guests seeking a bit more of an adventurous experience, reminiscent of camping in a rain forest. This enchanting cabin is big enough for two occupants, and it offers unobstructed views of the adjacent tilapia-filled pond and amazing tropical flora.

The final option is the beautiful thatched-roofed structure known as "El Bohio. "This is a lovingly decorated Bohio-styled structure that also offers a camp-like atmosphere, with plenty of space and some modern conveniences. It has an open view to the surrounding area and the tropical forest's sounds help make it a very special place.

Casa Picaflores has a grand total of 4 units. Accordingly, it's perfect for visitors who like a relatively intimate setting. This lodge has received a rating of two and a half stars, for a number of reasons, including service, amenities, and overall quality.

A list of guest rooms available for visitors at Casa Picaflores include:

Microwave Sitting Area Private Bath to you.

Casa Picaflores has many environmentally friendly features, including the use of Solar and Tankless Water Heaters, Organic Cotton and Bamboo Linens, Biodegradable Cleaning Products and Antibacterial Kapock, Hemp and Organic Buckwheat Pillows. As well, they have taken many steps to minimize their environmental impact including, for example, the use of Non Toxic No VOC Paint, and a comprehensive composting program for organic wastes.

A short distance down the road you can find some Taino petroglyphs, which are ideographic drawings etched by pre-Columbian Taino Indians in the massive boulders along the Rio Icaco.

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