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Torrecampo's Passeig de Gracia is going to be remodeled soon.

The works could begin later this summer.

White poplars have been the main cause of the remodeling. Their roots have damaged supply and sanitation networks, and some neighbors have seen damage to the floors of their homes.

The County Council of Cordoba tendered the project on 17 March 2017 for 391,330.42 euros (VAT included). 25 companies have been presented to this offer and one of them will be selected. Now the bids are under consideration.

Once the contract is awarded, the company will have 6 months to complete the works.

The works will consist of:

1. Previous work: Staking, clearing of urban elements, removal of all vehicles.

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2. Retreat from the grove of the pedestrian central walkway and treatment of herbicides to the roots. In replacement of these, other vertical roots will be planted.

3. Demolition and earthmoving: Demolition of pavements, raised floors and tiles, and finally, pavement breakage and trench excavation in service renovation sections.

4. Renewal of the sanitation network, scuppers and grates.

5. New water supply network.

6. Firms and pavements: Only the restitution of the firm and of the pavement of the sections affected by the excavations of the same, except for the steel of the section between the street Góngora and the Stores Street, that will be totally restored, with tile of gray terrazzo.


8. Restoration of the irrigation network of the central promenade.

9. Demolition of the wall of the left steel and replacement by a steel railing.