Turn Stones into decoration elements for your garden - rolloid

If you like nature and art, you can find the perfect combination of both with these clever ideas.

Screenshot via YouTube Markers for the garden / h4>

They are bright, cheerful, and will help you to know what you have planted! These stones are painted with permanent acrylic paint and water resistant. Paint only the top of the rocks to prevent paint from seeping into the ground.

craftsbyamanda.com Three in a Row

Do you have an old trunk by hand? You could use it as a table for a game of Three in a Row. The stones resemble bumblebees and ladybugs - important for any environment in the garden. The complete instructions are here.

chickenscratchny.com Path of stones that shine at night

This path emits a soft light to mark the entire path, are ideal for any time of year, especially during the holidays.

Plants and Flowers, plants species: June 2012
Its perennial foliage remains attractive throughout the year and its spring flowers are nothing short of beautiful. Phlox subulata forms shallow roots and its horizontal stems light easily so its common name creeping Phlox.


Stone Cactus

It is hard to believe what you can do with a few flat stones and some imagination. As shown in Wonderful DIY, different shades of green paint are used to provide variety of cactus in the pot. The great news is that this "plant" conserves water, and the cactus "needles" are harmless.

wonderfuldiy.com Rock and Roll

Look at these beauties with your eyes wide open! People seem so real, each has a name. They seem to be waiting patiently for the fun to begin. Maybe, as soon as it gets dark, the music and the dance will begin when you least expect it ...

ofdesign.net Stone worm

This idea uses the remains of yarn or wool to make precious stones. The texture of the yarn makes it easier to stack the flat rocks and gives a very colorful effect. Start by casting glue in the center of the rock and then begin to wrap the thread at one end. Use a different color to cover it at the other end.

parents.com Coloring Game in the Garden

A great game for the little ones! You can paint pineapples and smaller stones to create a fun game of colors.

two-daloo.com Get children involved

Make sure you get the children participate painting the rocks of the garden. As they decide where to place their finished stone, children can feel a connection between their creative work and the outdoors.

bloomingonbainbridge.com Painting Party! >

Painting stones can be fun and therapeutic. It is even a great outdoor activity for a child. With a generous amount of stones, paints and marker pens available, everyone can feel artistic painting their own rock.