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fragrant, sweet-smelling, scented


There are many native English speakers here, most of us can offer great suggestions for the English sentences. I will do my best to go through them all, too. For the Spanish sentences, edit your posts according to the native Spanish speaker's suggestions. Use today's Word of the Day in your own Spanish sentence (and include the English translation as well). Try to use the word in a completely new way and vote on the sentences you like best. The winner will be chosen based on the correct use of the word as well as the number of votes.


At least 5 words long, but do not write a paragraph either. Write your Spanish sentence, but the English translation as well. Make the corrections suggested by other users and moderators in the comments section (try not to use personal pronouns unless absolutely necessary). Use your own words! (Do not use a translator, copy from a book, use song lyrics, etc.) Please keep political, religious or personal statements to a minimum. These wildflowers are very fragrant.

These wildflowers are very fragrant.

Small Patio Design
The modern decorations are undoubtedly perfect for the patios because in their decoration you have natural elements such as wood or stone.

are so sweet-smelling.

2: In the garden we have several fragrant herbs, such as rosemary and oregano.

> In our garden we have several fragrant herbs, like rosemary and oregano.