6 Days Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Cambodia - BookYogaRetreats.com

6 Days Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Cambodia - BookYogaRetreats.com

6 Days Integral Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Cambodia - BookYogaRetreats.com

Music and entertainment gazebo

Let your creative spirit and inner child break free in the outdoor music space. You will find a large collection of Western and Asian instruments to start a musical rehearsal with life. Documentaries and series on animals and nature are screened several times a week, as well as classic films at the Hariharalaya cinema. With comfortable seating and a large screen, get ready to laugh, learn and love.

Art room
  • You will find plenty of art materials to paint, make collages, color , draw and more.

    Stay fit in the natural gym, fully equipped with exercise bars, weight bench, bench for squats, parallel bars, jump ropes, tightrope, dumbbells and dumbbells. You'll find everything you need to sculpt your body and feel as your blood flows as you breathe the fresh air of the jungle.

    Bake with love

    Join one of the baking in which fresh and healthy vegan cakes are prepared for the delight of the day, from carrot and double chocolate cakes to pumpkin bread and apple crumb cake.

    Holistic Medicine General | Healthy life, natural medicines, hypnotherapy, dowsing, bioenergetics and biophotonics
    The decrease in serum triglycerides is associated with the concentration of Omega3. Overdose: There are no special recommendations in case of overdose.

    For those who just can not get away from the digital world for a few days, there is a computer available with internet connection so you can keep in touch with your loved ones, plan your next steps or meet work requirements.


    Each full and new moon performs a Vedic fire ceremony in Hariharalaya for purification, healing and wisdom. Everyone is encouraged to participate in this ancient ritual of honoring the elements, nature, ancestors and your true self. It is a truly wonderful opportunity to remember where you come from and release any unnecessary negativity you carry inside.

    Yoga Shack

    Most morning and afternoon classes are taken to out in the outdoor yoga salon. With wooden ceiling and straw and a system of sound, cinema and lighting, it is a magical space to learn and be inspired. His golden altar is the center of attention and he pays homage to all the religions and teachers of the world.

    Dharma Hall

    Located on the west corner of the property, Dharma serves as the workshop and private practice space. Built with palm and wood leaf and adorned with six 2-meter high scrolls with passages of the hand-painted Buddha life, it has the charm of ancient learning centers and places of worship.

    Cabañas of healing

    Transform yourself, wake up, relax and shine! Enjoy a session with one of the experienced healers surrounded by the sounds of nature. They have two healing huts that are embedded in the landscape and offer a private and sacred space to give and receive.


    Awaken your primal energy and dance, dance, dance! In Hariharalaya strongly encourage the freedom, vitality and liberation that comes from incarnating and letting go really. They regularly perform with spontaneous dances in the yoga hut, equipped with lighting and sound system. They also host international DJs and have live performances featuring Khmer music to keep the pace alive.


    Hariharalaya has one of the largest and most complete libraries in all of Cambodia. With over 2,000 copies, divided into more than 20 sections, they have enough books to fill your mind and heart. The section of yoga, Buddhism and spirituality is, of course, a highlight.

    Garden of the Circle of Life

    Surrounded by a thatched fence and surrounded by beautiful gardens, the Garden of the Circle of Life is an ideal place to get rid of your clothes and let your body breathe. Sunbathing, moon baths, steam bath and outdoor showers. Rest from the pressure of modern society and return to the natural beauty and simplicity of your body in the optional clothing area.

    Outdoor showers

    There is nothing like feeling of water on the body as you admire a sunrise or sunset in the distance. Get back to the natural feel of life in one of the three outdoor showers.


    You are sure to meet many other creatures in the Hariharalaya community: geese, fish, lizards, spiders, ducks and much more. Embrace the fullness of life and spend some time with the Hariharalaya animal family.

    Yoga trip to the hidden temple