Germina La Florida: Sowing and Harvest Calendar

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Register by Calling 748-7285

We leave this very useful calendar with the basics for sowing and harvesting the main species of vegetables.

Thanks to the work done in conjunction with the Community Garden La Berenjena and the information provided by Aprende Botany, we bring you a very simple and didactic Calendar of Sowing and Harvest with the main dates of the most common species that are usually planted in Urban Gardens.

-Seeding Season , is the period of the year or the season in which it is most appropriate to sow the seed

-Seeding Method , it can be in Almácigos , that is to say to plant separately in small protected containers, or Direct Seed , that is to say, to plant the seed directly to the land of cultivation.

So do it! "Bury the handkerchief with the bark while mentalising the enemy unable to make negative rumors about you. It is composed of all kinds of protection elements, such as stones, talismans, amulets, roots, plants, powders, etc.

- Sowing depth , it is very important to know to what depth it will be buried the seed, at a great depth may not receive enough sun, at a very shallow depth it is possible to come up with irrigation and the birds will eat it.

-Germinating Time , estimated time that the germinating seed should be delayed.

-Transplant Time , if they have been sown in Almácigos, this is the time in which it is appropriate to pass the plant to the final land of cultivation.

- Harvest Time , estimated time in which the plant or fruit is ripe enough to be harvested and enjoyed.