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Until I got to the USA. I had no idea what the Spanish missions were, which shows "how much" I know of Spanish history across the pond. Visiting both missions I learned a little about what they had been and their role as well as the vision of them by the American people.

The Spanish presence in this part of the American continent lasted more than 300 years. Then the present state of California was flooded from the South to the North with a rosary of missions founded by the Spanish crown, which controlled the secular activities of the Catholic Church in Spain and its territories. With military aid, Spain was able to establish its presence in California and protect this territory from Russia and England.

The Mission of the Most Holy Conception of Mary was founded by Father Fermín de Lasuén in 1787. It was established south of a small town called Lompoc in Upper California. This place belonged to the American tribe of the Chumash, in the plain of the Santa Ana River. An area known by the natives as "Algsacpi".

The painting corresponds to the main and original building prior to one of the major earthquakes in 1812. Taking photographs of the current building and taking engravings from the time before these, I tried to show the original building of the mission.

Currently the missions are part of the state historical system of parks of California. In them they try to represent how these Spanish colonial buildings and gardens were in the original time, in the case of La Purisima during the 1820s. Santa Inés Mission in Solvang, also known as Santa Ynez or the old mission of Santa Ines, is the ninth of the 21 missions in California.

which were established by the Franciscan Friars.

Mission of Santa Inés, oil painting 61x61cm

Sketch before watercolor

Drawing and Painting with pastel chalk Step by Step - YouTube
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When I arrive to the US, I start to know about Spanish Missions in California, this shows how little I know about Spanish history in the American continent. Visiting some of these Missions I have learned a little about what they have been and their goal, in addition I learned what US citizen think about it.

Spanish presence was for more than 300 years in north american continent. Then they cross California, from South to North, with a lot of Missions founded by Spanish Crown which controlled secular activities of Catholic Church in Spain and their territories. With military assistance, Spain could stablish its presence in California and protect them from Russia and England.

The Purisima Concepción de Maria Santísima Mission was founded by Father and President Fermin de Lasuén in 1787. It was settled in the south of a little village called Lompoc, in Alta California. This site was known by Chumash people as "Algsacpi", in the plane of Santa Rosa

This painting is about the original and original building and before one the strongest eathquake in 1812. Taking photos of current buildings and looking at old prints I have tried to show the original building of the Mission.

Nowadays, the Missions are part ot the California Historic State Parks system. From there, they represent how they were colony by that time.