National Animals of Spanish speaking countries by Irina Psota on Prezi

National Animals of Spanish speaking countries Argentina Fun facts National Animal: The rufous hornero 1. It is also known as the Red Ovenbird. 2. Songs in the rufous hornero are gender distinct. Meaning one can tell the birds gender by the pace of the song and the speed of their wings. 3. The birds nest is a large thick clay "oven" placed on a tree, or other objects. Bolivia The Llama! Fun Facts 1. Some people in Bolivia eat Llama MEAT. 2. they have been in culture for thousands of years, used for rituals, for example, when building a house, one old ritual is that they would bury AN UNBORN FETUS of a llama under the house. 3. Llamas are very moody. They have a nasty bite and can kick. and if they like you spit gooey stuff at you. Talk about EWWWW. 4. An alpaca is NOT THE SAME as a llama. Alpacas are shorter and more stout than a llama. Chile Fun facts Heumul 1. They are officially endangered! 2. They are the largest species of deer in Chile. 3. Males use their antlers for seduction. 4. Their ears can grow up to 25 cm long! Colombia Andean condor Fun Facts 1. This big bad bird can live up to 70 years! 2. it is eats large deer and cattle carrion 3. It is considered near threatened! Costa Rica Venado Cola Blanca Fun Facts Cuba Cuban Tocororo Fun Facts Dominican Republic Palmchat Fun Facts Ecuador Andean Condor Fun Facts 1. It is called White Tail Deer because of its white tail. 2. It was declared rare in Costa Rica because its Antlers are treasured by hunters.

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