Many cultures around the world believe that an envious thought or glance is capable of causing harm to someone in the form of illness, injury, or even death. death.

In today's materialistic world, most people have personality defects and vices such as jealousy, hatred, envy, wanting another person's evil etc. The vibrations generated by these have a spiritually distressing effect on us. This is what is called being affected by the evil eye ... The evil eye is not only a superstition, but something that can severely affect anyone on a physical, psychological and spiritual level ...

HOW TO KNOW IF THEY HAVE MADE EYE OF EYE: These bags are a combination of various elements (they can carry up to 13). It consists of all kinds of protection elements, such as stones, talismans, amulets, roots, plants, powders, etc. One of the most common are a small red bag carrying a jet, two peonies, a red coral, and a marmaja. The red color itself is already protective of envy in all beliefs it seems as if the blood red will wash away all negative influences and impurities.




1 .- In some areas of Latin America, are a religious-pagan syncretism believer "evil eye" is cured using a soup dish with clean water in which is poured a jet of oil. If an "eye" is formed in the center of the dish it must be cut with the blade of a knife or other metallic object, then it must be sprayed with a small handful of coarse salt, while performing these tasks, they should pray our father and ask for the health of the person "browsing." This type of cleaning is very effective although there are others ...

2 .-- This ritual is good to do on a full moon night. In a comfortable room, or anywhere in the house, prepare a table with a white tablecloth, a water container or a small fountain, nine white candles around the table another container of sea salt, rosemary, cumin, garlic powder, a few drops of lemon and a splash of alcohol. All the elements are set on fire, and nine times these words are pronounced: Lord release me from the evil that has trapped me so that I may recover my life, that all the negative energy will leave me and the light return again. Pray a father of ours and with the ashes make the cross in the forehead.


Incense is burned on burning coals with faith and devotion. The other ingredients are sprinkled separately - DO NOT JOIN - Saying this prayer in every room of the house, apartment, office: "There in every house, cave, room, that Jesus entered, all evil and devil left. I bless this house, apartment, room, or office, with the spiritual and loving presence of our Lord Jesus Christ, so that no evil or enemy can ever enter.

To get away with the bad vibes of the home.

We will prepare a potion to sahumar the home and a liquid to vaporize the clothes. b> Dry rust leaves, sulfur powder and myrrh are needed. The leaves of rue are mixed with sulfur and myrrh and with this the corners and parts of the home are satiated where we believe that these bad vibrations exist. Then a container is taken (not used for food) and an infusion is prepared with three blades of male rue, placed in a vaporizer and with this preparation are sprayed the garments, will act as a protection against bad vibrations.

Lilies - Sunset
Try yellow 'Desert Flower', red-orange 'Soiree', or 'Oklahoma', whose gold petals fade to raspberry pink at the tips. Moisture-loving leopard lily (L. pardalinum, zones 2-7, 14-17) has orange to orange-red flowers with brown spotting.

To take away the curses

Take a small bottle of clear glass and introduce the following elements: three pins; three bits of male rue root; a handful of coarse salt; the shell of half a lemon. It is covered with a cork stopper and placed in a window, without touching or changing it. It will prevent the curses from entering.



This amulet is very useful for those who are afraid of the dark or have fears when sleeping because of the dangers that may surprise them A piece of willow bark, a natural black fabric (linen, cotton, silk), a sewing needle and a black thread and a white candle.

Needed: Procedure: This amulet should be performed on a Saturday in the magic hour. The willow bark is taken and placed in the center of the black cloth. Then it is wrapped in a bag and sewn with the black thread. Once the bag is sewn, it is placed in front of the white candle. Then we light the candle and repeat three times: "May this amulet protect me from the negative energies of the night. So be it. "Then the candle is extinguished, all the remains of the used thing are discarded and the sachet is placed with the bark of willow under the pillow

TO NEUTRALIZE A POSSIBLE ENEMY / A . In a piece of tree bark you should write the date of birth and the full name of your enemy, then wrap it in a black handkerchief while mumbling: "shut up now, let your bitter tongue. "(Name the enemy again)" shut up now, do not speak harmful words. So do it! "Bury the handkerchief with the bark while mentalising the enemy unable to make negative rumors about you.