Ponds: water as a decorative element | ANA'S ROOM

Ponds: water as a decorative element | ANA'S ROOM

Ponds: water as a decorative element | ANA'S ROOM

The nature and the decoration well combined, can become very pleasant and avant-garde spaces. In this sense, an element that gives much play in the decoration of gardens, is water. We can integrate in our spaces small ponds, aquatic zones with plants and fishes that include the movement and sound of the water, creating a pleasant place to recover from our day to day.

Have space to install a large pond is a real privilege. The fact of being able to contemplate it causes an immediate fascination to the lovers of the nature. Although, in these cases, good water maintenance is essential, as it can attract numerous insects and birds.

Adorning them with aquatic plants, swamp and fish is always a good choice as it brings life to the garden and a more naturalness, even depending on the size of our pond, we can create small paths with stones or wood.

Consultancy and Environmental Education: The seven-point ladybug
A liquid that many people associate with that ladybug has "done their needs", but that really expels to try to defend themselves. They are excellent planters at the service of humans and play a very important biological control function in certain crops.

Among the many accessories used for garden decoration, we can also add a waterfall to our pond. They are an ideal medium to oxygenate the water and give a very elegant and exclusive touch. Stones are also another good decorative resource. And what can not miss, is a good lighting that seeks to highlight it at night. You will achieve a very theatrical and romantic effect.

For those who think that ponds are only for those who have large gardens, you are completely wrong. We can attach a mini-pond made of natural stone, wood or iron in any corner of our garden, patio or even terrace.

According to the style of your house, you can lean in more organic style ponds and natural or minimalist with well defined forms.