Cuban cabaret with toucan feathers returns to Miami | The New Herald

Consolidated as the festive center of the city, Brickell is where "El Tucán" opened its doors on Friday to capture an audience eager to revive the Cuban cabaret atmosphere of the 1940s, where people went to dancing, dining and watching a show. A year and a half ago, Michael Ridard and Mathieu Massa, owners of the cabaret, heard the idea of ​​Emilia Menocal, creative director of El Tucán, who explains that the site is much more than a place where you can dine and watch a show as it is designed to make your users feel like they are really inside a Cuban cabaret from 1940.

bronze and crumpled velvet matching with crystal teardrop lamps; in addition to a dance floor that borders the stage where there will be a Latin orchestra of 12 musicians. The two-storey building, which has a capacity of 350 people, will run from 8 p.m. at 3 a.m.

"The Toucan honors a time lost when giving importance to dinner shows and cabarets. By working with talented producers, costume designers, chefs and musicians; we hope to rekindle the spark in Miami and remind people how enjoyable it can be to watch a show while dinner. As a Cuban who grew up far from her land, I have always struggled to bridge the country and its culture. 'The Toucan' creates a place for cross-pollination to be a reality, "said Menocal.

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The name of the place was inspired by Menocal's sympathy for birds and the fact that they symbolize freedom. "It always brings good luck to give an animal name to a local," he added.

For Menocal to Make It Real The Toucan, with the help of the creative talent he gathered for this task, took a year and a half. Among them is the Grammy-winning composer and producer, Marlow Rosado, with whom he worked to do the local music curator.

"I want people to feel as if they are traveling for a night ... like getting into a movie," Menocal said.

On the opening night on Friday, October 2, Freddie King, Puddles Pity Party, Chargeaux, Pink Marlow and the Toucans, DJs Shamizo and Discorocks. The Toucan is in Brickell at 1111 SW First Avenue.