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Jocotoco Antpitta Tapichalaca Reserve

Jocotoco Antpitta Tapichalaca Reserve

The Tiger (Manny Rivera)

The Tiger is the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon TV show, The Tiger: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. His real name is Manny Rivera. He lives with his overprotective, strict, but wise father, Ruldofo, and Grandfather supervillain Puma Loco in Miracle City. I have hanged out with Frida all the time. Profile

Full Name: Manny "Pablo Gutierrez O'Brian Equahia Rivera

Aliases: Manny and Age: 10-12 years old and somewhere in the mid 30's

Type of Hero

Skills: Sharp, retractable claws that can cut through anything, shooting out his hand like grappling hook, super strength, mimicing, and super jumping abilities > Family: Rodolfo Rivera / White Pantera-Father, Maria Rivera-mother, Puma Loco-Grandfather, Dora Rivera-Grand Mother (Deceased), Justice Jaguar-Great grandfather (Deceased), Mighty Cheetar-Great great Grandfather Deceased), Golden Lion-Great-great-grandfather (Deceased), Dark Leopard-Great-great-grandfather (Deceased), El Tigre I- Frida Suárez (True Love) and Zoe Aves (Ex-Frida Suárez, Raul) and Frida Suárez (Frida Suárez) - Girlfriend

Enemies: Sartana of the Dead, Sergio / Lord Sinister, Zoe Aves / Black Crow, Carmelita Aves / Voltura, Grandmami Aves / Lady Gobbler, Diego / Dr. Chipotle Jr., Django of the Dead, The Bear, General Chapuza, Che, Titanium Titan, The Green Sea, Mustache Mafia

White-Tailed Jay Jorupe Reserve
White-Tailed Jay Jorupe Reserve

Goal: To decide if he wants to be a Hero or Villain

Fate: Django of the Dead and saving his family

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