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The mature female cones are pendulous.

The leaves are rigid and spiky, bright green in color.

The bark of young trees is reddish.

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The bark of adult trees is gray and flakes slightly with age.

The oldest tree in the world abies was described by (L.) H. Karst. and published in Encyclopédie Méthodique. Botanique ... Supplément 5 (1): 35. 1817.


Spruce ; a generic name that is taken directly from the Latin pix = "pitch", the classical name given to a pine that produced this substance

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There are some forms of this spruce:

  • P. abies 'Aurea' - yellowish foliage.
  • P. abies 'Pendula' - hanging branches.
  • P. abies 'Argentea' - white-silver foliage.
  • P. abies 'Nana' - orange foliage and between 30 - 60 cm high only.
  • Picea abies var. europaea (Tepl.) Jurkev. & amp; Parv.