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Certainly, the croptop is a garment that, rescued from the past, one year; and with more force than ever, since it seems to have remained in the taste of all and all. However, despite its versatility, sometimes it seems a bit difficult to wear, so this time, we will talk a little bit of those secrets, which will allow you to hit, with such a feminine garment:

1 .- Opportune image: despite being a garment with many variants, it is not for all women or for all occasions, so you must take into account: your age, the event you attend and the image you want to project. From young girls who are close to the 20's, to the famous "thirty-few" is the ideal time to show off. Regarding the events: avoid it for religious ceremonies, protocol acts of great sobriety, the work environment, official events and / or those of academic and professional solemnity; as they are garments loaded with fun, but not so suitable for events that require extreme sobriety.

2.- Watch your body! If you are super fitness do not hesitate, this garment is for you. There is no more lucid way to wear it than a defined and even marked abdomen; however, if you are one of those who are more noticeable the tripite, perhaps, does not favor so much your body shape, so it is better to avoid it. This garment, in general is ideal for the thinnest; or for women who have the privilege of a defined waist, provided with their hip and shoulders.

4.- Eye with the recharged looks: Combine cropped prints with skirts or plain pants or vice versa. Or, if the croptop bears shine, choose matt bottom garments; thus, you will avoid looking recharged.

In the latter case, each guest should serve the garnish to their liking on the gazpacho already in their individual dish or bowl. In addition to the red and white gazpachos there are other, called green, that are typical of Sierra Morena and Sierra de Huelva.

5.- How much to show? Remember that the crop top should allow a distance of 3 to 4 centimeters between this garment and the bottom garment; leaving the navel covered, when combined with a skirt or high waist pants. With this, you will guarantee a modern but elegant image.

6.- Privilege comfort. A garment only favors us when wearing it, we feel comfortable with it. If you use croptop often to pull the bottom, to accommodate the top or cover with your arms, you stop enjoying the garment, and this, it shows.

Remember: The most important of a garment is not the garment itself, but the attitude we take to wear it and how it favors us; or, in other words, as the iconic designer Coco Chanel would say: "Coquetry is the triumph of spirit over the senses".

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