Chocolate Cherry

  • Sunlight: Sunshine
  • Production: 1 inch
  • Days for the Harvest: 70 days
  • Plant Sizes: 6 to 8 feet
  • Plant Type: Undetermined

Chocolate Cherry is a disconcerting name until you try this reddish-black "heilroom" cherry tomato. Put one in your mouth. Close your eyes and you will feel an infinite pleasure when the tasty taste of this cherry tomato reaches your palate. This variety is ideal for preparing snacks and snacks, is delicious in salads and irresistible in the vine. In addition, it has quickly become an indispensable tomato. The only problem is that the ripe fruit is hidden between the dark green leaves. The harvest becomes a daily treasure hunt with delicious rewards for effort.

For your orchard, we recommend hybrid tomatoes and "heirloom", since hybrids are generally more productive and resistant to diseases.

Plant tomatoes from spring (after the last frost) until the early days of summer. If you buy the plants ahead of time, you can keep them on a sunny sill until the weather gets warmer. For planting ahead of time, protect plants with a protective cover.

Separation of plants: 36 inches of separation in conventional rows; 24 to 30 inches in intensive crop orchards. Plants per person: 2 to 3.

Secrets to Success

Support the vigorous vine with an 8-foot stake, trellis or wire cage. Fertilize your plants throughout the growing stage with Bonnie Herb & Vegetable Plant Food, excellent for plants and good for the land.

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Harvest and Use

Collect a source of ripe tomatoes from the plants to prepare sandwiches or a delicious salad. If you have problems with the birds, pick them up in advance for a day or two to mature inside. Distribute them in a simple layer on the kitchen counter.

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