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Superman Earth one vol.2 (Oct-2012)

Script: JMS continues to explore the adventures of Superman in this universe of Earth-1, two years after the appearance of the first volume - worth saying was published in our country by Unlimited - .

The story is entertaining, quite risky in its proposal in certain respects, and I dare say even more interesting than what is being done with the character within the New 52.

The downside is that it does little. If we have 100 pages of history every two years, the thing does not grow much. It even makes it lose interest to some extent.

To date we have three volumes of Earth-1, two devoted to Superman and one to Batman. The quality has been optimum, so the only criticism beyond quality would be to appear more moderately each time.

Very good work in general, the reinterpretation of classic characters is proving quite interesting. The Parasite of this reality is no longer Rudy Jones, but a killer of Raymond name that proves more solvent. Towards the end of the comic we see Lex Luthor and his wife Alexandra, which looks interesting for the volumes to come. It's nice to see a Clark a little more relaxed and not slobbered by Lois Lane. And as for the new characters like Lisa or Eddie reflect to some extent realities that are lived daily. Sometimes you never get to know people and even more so sometimes we do not even know our own neighbors.

It is difficult to maintain a quality coupled from beginning to end in a comic of more than 100 pages drawn by a single person, but considering that he had 2 years between volume 1 and volume 2, looks pretty good. Sandra Hope's accompaniments on the inks give her the finishing touch.

The graphic reinterpretation of the Parasite maintains the classic essence of the character with new additions in order to differentiate it in some of its previous versions. The appearance of Lex Luthor reminded me a lot of Lionel Luthor of the series "Smallville". And seeing Superman in a classic-looking outfit with red breeches makes him feel rather nostalgic for the old DC universe.

History: managed to earn his place in the Daily Planet after his successful Superman report. However, Perry White tells him that it is easy to become a reporter, how difficult it is to stay in it. Lois Lane, with some degree of envy begins to gather antecedents of the life of Clark Kent, determining that a person with such a clean past has something to hide.

Clark has found an apartment where to live, where he knows to some neighbors like Eddie Monroe, a fan of Bob Dylan or Lisa Lasalle, a sexy redhead.

In STAR labs, a criminal named Raymond has entered to erase certain incriminating files from the terminal of his murdered friend Willy. Raymond is located by the guards of the place, who open fire on him. When escaping is trapped in a chamber where the controls are triggered, apparently causing him to die.

In Metropolis, Lois Lane tries to hack Planet terminals to find out more about Clark Kent while watching a talk show about Superman when they talk about strange deaths at STAR labs in Chicago, Illinois. It's Raymond, who looks purple has become a Parasite.

In the skies of the city, an enraged Superman thinks of Samsa's words: "Whoever has the guns makes the rules", passing movies in your head. Meanwhile, Raymond the Parasite continues to kill people by absorbing vital energy, while his mind plays on the past to remind him of passages from his past life.

Observation is necessary, however, the quality of the bricks (more or less resistance) will result from the quality of the earth. The size of the bricks changes depending on the height to be given to the wall and the ease of handling the materials.

At the congress, the government begins to take appropriate action in case Superman turns on them.

Clark arrives at his apartment at night and meets Eddie a little weird. When you check it with your vision of X-rays, you notice that you have syringes in your pockets and your arms are marked. Eddie tells him if as a writer he would not like to interview him, his life is interesting. Clark tells him that maybe another time. Inside the building he meets the sensual Lisa, with whom he begins to fraternize, when he must leave it as the Parasite has arrived in the city.

Raymond's clear intention is to drain all the power of Superman. After an iron fist, Superman is deeply debilitated, having to escape to his solitude fortress, while the army must take care of the overburdened Raymond.

Clark returns to his fortress, where the solution is ready. Returning to Metropolis returns with a brilliant outer layer on his skin, which prevents the process of absorption of Raymond. Theresa appears in the place, managing to move to Raymond. He embraces her and forgets his power, he absorbs life. This moment destabilizes Raymond, getting Superman to stop him once and for all.

Superman returns to the Island of Borada, and paying attention to what General Samsa himself said: "Whoever has the weapons makes the rules "gives the people the weapons so that they themselves judge the general and fix the situation.

In the apartments, a man is beating Lisa. Clark takes him to the Antarctic warning him to never approach or think about her again. Later, Lisa was sincere with him, telling him that when he sometimes lacks money, he practices prostitution. Clark promises to be his friend forever.

The government decides to study the Parasite as one of the measures to insure against Superman, while hiring experts Dr. Alexandra Luthor and her husband Lex Luthor , known as Lex 2.

Back at the apartments, Eddie is found dead from an overdose. When they see the interior of his apartment they find it full of engravings asking Superman to save it. Clark feels bad because he noticed Eddie's situation and did nothing about it. Then Clark decides to write the story of Eddie's life. In discussing with Perry about the publication of the report, Lois realizes the passion of this impotent man, deciding to leave him alone ... for the moment.

First of all, I apologize for the length of the summary of the story, but it is as "summarizable" as you can for it. a comic of more than 100 pages.

As I mentioned above, we hope your publication will be more followed and do not leave us waiting so long, as it is a good choice for those who are still stung and angry about the New 52.

a comic highly recommended.

Well, that would be all for today. Have a nice day.