You started with daisies under the Mexican sun, with my A and his little smile. You started smiling and happy, with burritos and tunas, with "martini here" and "please bring me dinner to the room" . Then you gave me the opportunity to give people an opportunity that was indifferent and less bad than I did. I have my mind and head open and now I'm happier with people that makes me happier.

And thank you also for giving me and N . And thank you 2016 for make R happy and teach her and give me a lesson to that love may exist and that everything is matter of moments. 2016, thanks for N because giving me one of the happiest people on earth, you have given me a treasure, that your energy and strength always, always, always contagian and with people who enjoy life and always have a walk ahead, it's good to share moments. And this small group, thanks also to L and D, because with them everything has been much easier and fun. Of course, C and E, who have also taught me how two people can be even in the most critical moments.

No I want to talk about people I've lost, p but people who have gone away . And you'll see 2016, I want to thank you for having purified me on the inside and taught me that toxic people are better off. Even though it hurts, even if it stings, even though it fills you with impotence, the reality is that I do not miss anyone because all the people that I have eternally and gratifyingly

< is a challenge and achievements,

> a constant gift

GREEN WAKE UP | "When a man takes pity on all living creatures, only then will he be noble." Buddha
Join Me Without Meat Engage in this international campaign that promotes stars such as Paul McCartney and Gwyneth Paltrow. I invite you to take the first step towards a new form of food that brings benefits and satisfaction to all.

Barcelona is simply "so fucking close".

And you, 2017, I'm going with an army of people who support me to keep me indestructible.


I'm not going to slow down.