Sex Sthinks ... Sometimes: The Bristol® Picturesque Almanac 2006

Sex Sthinks ... Sometimes: The Bristol® Picturesque Almanac 2006

Sex Sthinks ... Sometimes: The Bristol® Picturesque Almanac 2006

Well, yes, another year more ... and 174 are still published. I am referring to a more common object in our society than drinking beer.

The picturesque almanac of Bristol® is an orange booklet, which has been present in my life since my memory.

We, who always complain about the inclemency of the weather. We do not worry about consulting the Bristol® almanac when this "picturesque object contains all the weather predictions for the coming year."

But without place to Doubts What I like most about the Bristol® almanac is the advertising that is in this one, it is very "picturesque". For example, the Barry Tricófero, I'm not sure if it's a tonic, but I suspect it's a kind of Roggaine. Which comes in three presentations: Traditional (Standard), With panthenol (for greasy hair) and with panthenol and beaver oil (for dry hair).

Has anyone ever seen the Barry Tricófero? I do not! But in my house there is a myth that my mother says every time the Bristol® is bought: "His grandfather used Barry's Tricófero. Well and for that, my grandfather died of 85 years and did not fall hair, nothing even had entries. I think the tonic said if it works.

If the man does not live by bread alone, because the Brístol® does not live on tonic only are also the colonies of Murray and Lanman. The slogan says: "more than a fragrance - a heavenly sensation" among the aromas that can be recognized in the photic are orange blossom, roses, Kananga (I do not know that it is a Kananga, or if Kananga is a who) . But good L & K is present with its colonies.

-I use Money soap and I feel very soft and delicate, my scent is so characteristic that I feel like I am one ....

Cambio del color de las flores durante el día
Cambio del color de las flores durante el día

I do not know what time Mr. Lanman left Mr. Murray , and became associated with Mr. Kemp. Because later pages appear a "potpourri" with the products of Lanman & Kemp (read L & amp; K), with a number of cosmetic products including colognes, shines, soaps and a series of very flirtatious products them.

Leaving a little advertising Bristol®, we can approach to its content: if there are three visible eclipses in the region: the first, a penumbral eclipse of the moon, on March 14 and 15; the second, a partial moon on September 7; and the third, a ring of sun, on September 22. From now I swore and I assure you that it will be cloudy for when they are going to happen, so those who have an eclipse memory, let's resign ourselves because this year will not be seen a fuck.

I'm not conservative, but I really respect a leader who died this year. Mr. Emilianni. Perhaps no one knows him by his last name, but this congressman passed a law a long time ago, proposing that the parties be run so that we could have holiday bridges and thus go out to rest every 20 days on average. Well if you are interested to know: Ash Wednesday is March 3 and Easter is in April.

If anyone knows that it is an ecclesiastical computation, please let me know, because this year the Sunday letter is the A, I do not know if I now say Sunday instead of Sunday, the epacta (which I do not know is) is 30, the golden number (lost in the bad, that if no idea) is the XII. We are in the solar cycle number 27.

I do not know if they knew that this almanac is produced in New York, not printed, because the print is made in Caparrapí. The fact is that I pay my respects to a very traditional almanac and I know that when we hear about the front of a grandfather we will find incredible stories, so live the Picturesque Bristol Almanac as a means of social culturization. See you when it's sunny (it's coming out in February) ...

I know! I'm wearing my Bristol® Almanac.

The receptive capacity of the masses is limited and their understanding scarce; always converging on the same concept. However, politicians in general, whatever color, are seduced by "handle opinion", even if they call it measure.