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Yo lo ví con estos ojos miopes que se han de comer los gusanos jejeje

Yo lo ví con estos ojos miopes que se han de comer los gusanos jejeje

1 (escape) [+ prisoner] to escape; [+ child, teenager] to run away

escaped through the back door escaped through the back door

three prisoners escaped yesterday of the jail of Jaén

I have escaped the palomamy pigeon has escaped

I have escaped two rabbits escaped the giraffe

I escaped because I could not hold on to my parents I ran away because I could not stand my parents any longer, come here, do not escape me here, do not run away

escaparse de jail, danger] to escape from; [+ cage] to get out of; get away from

two prison inmates have escaped

the lion has escaped from the zoo lion has escaped from the zoo

a lion has escaped from the cage < / p>

You can not get away from this, you can not get away this time

We escaped from a certain death, escaped the catastrophe, escaped from reality with drugs, work helped him escape all misfortunes that surrounded him he managed to escape from seeing him there he escaped from home

3 (let go)

I'm going, I miss the trainI'm going, or I'll miss my train

I just missed the bus and you escaped several errors in the translation and we escaped an errata ​​p>

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I had escaped that detail had escaped my notice; I had overlooked that detail

he escaped that detail and escapes me the meaning of all this is a game of symbolic patience for more than the ultimate meaning escapes your tense attention never you are missing out on anything

No one misses the importance of this visitaeverybody is aware of or realize the importance of this visit

I am aware that ...; I realize that ...

No one can escape that what we call Espa »na has always been a realityA nobody escapes that not all public administrations are socialist British Prime Minister does not escape that his calls" constructive proposals "... However, it did not escape that all that contained a special attraction Rousseau did not escape that such a situation is a primitive state that it was no longer possible to recover escaped detail or not escape nothing to sb

escape from the hands

reality is getting out of handI'm losing touch with reality; I'm losing my grip on reality, the situation escaped from the manosthey lost control of the situation

escaped from my handsThe Government is out of hand the conflict with Marruecossus better opportunities in life they had escaped from the hands

4 (let out) [+ shout, belch]

I burped a belch without realizing I accidentally burped < em> o let out a burp; he let out a sigh of relief; he breathed or let out a sigh of relief; laughing

I missed a silly laugh in the middle of the class

I missed a tear came tear to my eye

[+ data, news]

ten be careful that you do not miss what I told you

you missed the date of the meeting and let slip the date of the meeting