Community of Mayan Studies

No more violence against the Maya and Peasant People:

A call to CONIC and the Government of Guatemala: Given the recent developments in the country, there is a fear that high levels of government will use their perverse alliances with sectors and trade union leaders, indigenous and peasants, to mobilize peasant and indigenous brothers and sisters in the whole country, and thereby unleash a climate of confrontation against those of us who have been demonstrating peacefully, and we will continue to do so. Concerns are circulating in several communities because it has been known that indigenous leaders and leaders in rural areas have been intimidated by people who identify themselves as members of CONIC and at the same time carry out a political campaign in favor of both the Leader and Patriot parties. Bullying is aimed at avoiding any form of local criticism of the current government.

Hummingbird Tattoos: Designs and Meaning - Batanga
Among other things, due to its noble and quiet nature, it is also considered a symbol of peace and respect. As with swallows and eagles, hummingbirds are one of the favorite bird species when it comes to tattoos.

We call on the members of the CONIC, the unions related to the government and the government itself, to avoid incurring their manipulative and confrontational force that could endanger the lives of women and men, girls and boys, from both rural and urban areas. We are especially afraid of the lives of indigenous and peasant sisters and brothers because history has shown us the terrible ease with which we are murdered and massacred in this country. This is possible because those who arrogate to kill, conceal and justify their actions in the deep racist contempt for the lives of indigenous people.

Therefore, we hold the government of Guatemala, the Ministry of Government accountable, and make jointly responsible to the trade union, indigenous and peasant sectors allied to the current government, of any violent event that occurs against those who participate in the peaceful demonstrations, both in rural and urban areas.