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Originally posted by ms-jully

Originally posted by ms-jully

Jennifer Burrows

Jennifer Burrows in all the clothes you have to pack for a Colorado ski trip or the eight bathing suits you have to enlist for a cruise in The Bahamas?

That's a lot to plan and pack. you are thinking of exposing yourself to new things on your next vacation, look in Pasco County, Florida.

The County is just north of Tampa and St. Petersburg, and boasts of having the largest nudist and optional clothing community in North America. That includes everything from upscale resorts to low-profile trailer parks with year-round activities to cater for visitors who want to strip.

You do not have to be a nudist to experience what this is about . You will find college students, couples who are already out of the responsibility of raising their children, and people who simply seek to mark an activity over the list of things they want to do before leaving this world, all of them looking for liberating adventures of themselves - also known as nudist or naturalistic activities.

Hanging out

As one can imagine, nudists are an extrovert group. While leaving the clothes behind in the hotel sounds erotic, the truth is that spending some time without bra or without thongs in a pool or bar, it is more about socializing and meeting like-minded people.

Bob and Carla Schmidt have gone to another 30 or 40 optional clothing resorts in the United States.

"This is the best nudist resort in the entire country," Bob Schmidt says about Hot. "Others are very rustic. This is the Hilton of nude resorts. "

Myra Mesher, the owner of a nudist resort in Pennsylvania, spends her winters in Caliente.

Mesher has been leaving her sunny residence in Palmerton, PA for many years to come to Land O 'Lakes for six straight months. Land O 'Lakes is recognized first by having many lakes, and second by being the center of numerous and distinguished clothing resorts.

"You are in your own world here. It feels like you are on an island. I love the gardens, yoga classes. The people here are very friendly. It's a very luxurious environment. "

Leave your worries behind

If you've been thinking about visiting a nudist resort but are hesitating or just hoping to lose 10 pounds, get rid of your insecurities.

Profiles in Sports - Andrew Pevsner | Sports |
In most cases, baseball players who go to Division III schools have given up on their dreams of playing Major League Baseball. Coming out of high school, did you ever think that you would be drafted? To be honest, I did not think about it too much.

"Women are afraid they do not look well enough," said Deb Bowen, a spokeswoman for Caliente. "Once you come here, you will realize that no one cares about that. There are people of all sizes and shapes. No one judges based on appearance. "

Optional clothing resorts and activities are sometimes better for people who are experiencing nudist life for the first time.

" You are not forced to go out naked in no time, "Bowen said. "We are not trying to make it a naturist card."

Security and privacy are number 1 priorities at the resort. You will not find a club type vibe. All resorts have age restrictions.

People of all ages can find a social atmosphere in Race 5K "Dare to Run Naked", or "Bare Dare 5K" in English, which takes place in Land O 'Lakes every May from 2010. The race has grown to about 350 participants.

"We attract people from all over the country," said race organizer and founder Pete Williams. "Last year came participants from 25 different states."

Most USA Track & Field are on a whim.

"There is no doubt that the list of activities to do before dying is an important element here," said Williams, noting that about 85% of participants decide to run totally naked.

While there are about 25 different optional clothing races to choose from across the United States, Bare Dare 5K, boasts of having great weather and sincere camaraderie- and access to facilities of the Hot Resort.

William also argues that getting rid of his clothes can help him achieve better performance during the race. "We have a lot of people who exceed their personal records here," he said.

Those looking for similar challenges in the area of ​​optional clothing can go to Florida water. The nudist diving and boating club, formed about 15 years ago by residents of the nudist resort area, organizes trips to the Keys and Homosassa Springs, to swim with manatees and some trips to Playalinda on the east coast of Florida. / p>

Travel in optional clothing is done on private boats once the boat is rented. Diving and nudist swimming are allowed a minimum of 10 miles away from the coast. Nude diving, said Karen Engle, a member of the Nudist Yacht Club, is total freedom.

Just remember to pack your sunscreen.

Find a resort and follow your natural instincts.