Everest height 8844m: the everest. Himalayan mountain range

El Camino Español, de Augusto Ferrer Dalmau

El Camino Español, de Augusto Ferrer Dalmau

From the many snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas, and Everest, pyramidal form, Everest is 8,844.43 meters high, representing the highest point on the planet The blue sky, the white snow and the green mountain make up the purest beauty. This is the reason that Tibetans venerate Mount Qomolangma as a "sacred deity" in the Himalayan mountain range.

Everest, also called Qomolangma is located on the borders of Southwest China, on its south slope border with Nepal and on the northern slope with the Tibet Autonomous Region. The supreme height of Mount Himalayas is the result of the collision of two large continental plates: the Indian massif collided with the Asian, from there arose the world's highest plateau, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The Himalayas, which lie on the border between the two continental plates, were the result of the enormous shock force, with the Qomolangma being its highest peak. Within an area of ​​20 km2 we can find a wide array of high and snowy mountains; more than 40 of them with a height above 7,000 meters.
Mount Everest looks more beautiful at dawn when the sky is clear. At dawn, due to its height receives the first ray of light, while the neighboring snowy mountains remain still wrapped in penumbra. With white snow and rocks bathed in golden sunlight, Mount Qomolangma emerges as a golden god, radiating rays over a vast snowy land. In the Tibetan language, which means "deity" while langma means "third ". The locals believe that Everest occupies the third place among the four oldest peaks or the four deities of the region; hence the name.

The third pole of the world - Everest

It was not until May 1953 that humanity left its mark on the top of the world. New Zealand climber EdmundHillary and his assistant sherpa Tenzing Norgay made history by conquering all sorts of difficulties by climbing the summit of the Qomolangma along the South slope. In 1960, a Chinese team of climbers ascended the peak on the northern slope, opening a new route for climbers around the world.
Everest has an enduring charm, because it is the closest point to heaven on earth. One of my great dreams was always to climb Qomolangma peak, but when I approached him for the first time, he took me for the first time. surprise.

When we arrived at the Rongpu monastery, and we stopped on a steep slope, the driver said in a low voice, "Now we can see it." We bowed our heads and leaned forward to look, and we saw a dark green mountain moving toward us. There was not much snow - just a few layers of snow hidden on the slopes. "Majestic and beautiful," someone shouted. I said, "Your beauty leaves you breathless." They all laughed, and said that my altitude sickness must be very serious. The leader of the group said: "Qomolangma is sitting, protecting Mount Changzheng, Mount Jianshe and Mount Zhangzi on your right, and Mount Guangming on your left.His belt flies towards us. Look, this is Rongpu Glacier. .

Beautiful cloud flag and soft knife

Its flag cloud torrents constitute the most famous sight of Qomolangma.

There were no clouds in the sky background blue. The flattering brightness of the morning covered a third of the summit. Called "Sun on the Golden Mountain", it can be seen commonly in photos, but in this living picture, a long and thin ribbon of white silk appears from the top. It has long been known as "flag cloud" because it resembles a waving flag.

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I remember once, when we were trying to climb an adaptation of 7,790 meters in height, the wind gradually increased and the rope became a bow in the air. Snow cut our faces like a knife. At 7,540 meters, we could no longer maintain stability; we looked around to see the flag cloud that appeared at the top.

Headquarters ordered us to return immediately. The overwhelming force of the storm was the end of our advance.

The store was destroyed and the oxygen tanks and equipment stored in the store disappeared. I do not know why, but that day I did not feel afraid; on the contrary he was excited; the team struggled in the middle of the snowstorm, and the flag cloud hung gracefully from the top. What a wonderful scene!

I love the contrasts as amazing as that.

Everest in the mist

Looking at the flowers in the mist is an artistic conception . The Qomolangma peak in the mist of morning or night is another artistic conception, but blindly caressing its peak in the fog at zero distance was something completely different.

When I finally reached the top of the mountain , was surrounded by clouds and haze. If it had not been for the long, colorful banners and mountaineering enthusiasts, I would not have dared to believe that I had reached the summit.

Today I can answer the following questions: Why climb mountains? and why climb the Qomolangma? "

There was only one thing clear: when I took off my gloves, my hands could touch the clouds and mist on top of the world. beautiful.

The beauty of Qomolangma emanates from my heart

The Qomolangma is very beautiful, because it is part of my life. The reason why it is the most beautiful, is that its beauty emanates from my heart.