WWFE La Poderosa 670 AM, its Latin radio station, Miami

Screengrab via Trash Dove Spam  Facebook

Screengrab via Trash Dove Spam Facebook

WWFE "LA PODEROSA" 670 AM was founded in 1988. It is a radio station that transmits in stereo and has the best frequency in the AM band (Modulated Amplitude) . Only 13 radio stations in the United States have the privilege of transmitting at the frequency 670 and this important position on the dial has been recognized in the "Book of Radio Stations" since 1988.

With an output power of 50,000 kilowatts, the WWFE "The POWERFUL" 670 AM, transmits 24 hours a day from Miami, in the state of Florida, reaching where others can not reach.

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Their experience, credibility and dynamism can be clearly seen throughout South Florida, from Orlando to the Keys, the Caribbean and the surrounding areas.

WWFE "LA PODEROSA" 670 AM, the only genuine Latin minorities have created a majority, gaining strength, market and economic power. During the 24 hours of the WWFE "LA PODEROSA" 670 AM day, it offers a special programming of news, sports, entertainment programs, professional community services, open microphones, and cultural and religious events.

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