30 ideas to reuse boxes of baby wipes - The voice of the wall

How many containers and baby wipes do you spend per week? And what do you do with them? If you are a parent, you may not even be able to keep track of how many you have thrown away.

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As we always expect to get rid of them in a clean spot,

you should know that these stupendous and sturdy plastic crates have amazing uses.

Organizing drawers, keeping wool clean or as a material for making children's toys, baby wipes containers serve a thousand and one things. Here you have 30 examples to get you started.

Wool Container

If you like knitting you will know how elusive the wool ball is, by the soil staining of dust and dirt. Thanks to the box of wipes you can store it comfortably and serve you clean yarn wherever you go.

Sensory toy

Fill the container with textile of different colors and textures, and your children will be entertained during hours by taking them out from the inside.


Wipe containers are perfect for planting seedlings. Its opaque walls keep the temperature well and a little film paper on top will create a miniature greenhouse with which to germinate your seeds in record time.

Creative containers

stacking, comfortable and very visual, so are these creative containers with which to order the educational toys and crayons of our children.

Box of paintings

only serve to keep our children's books, they are also ideal for keeping our paintings and DIY materials organized.

Dryer wipes

Container boxes can be filled with protective wipes color of the washer or dryer.

Dispenser of plastic bags

If you travel often and your children have fun with lego figures, build them this fantastic travel toy. You should know that its creator placed the lay template at the top but, noting that his son had to continuously open and close the box to use the lay pieces, he decided to change it into the interior.


A simple game to learn vocabulary and spell words. The mechanics are very simple, you only have to print two complete alphabets and mount them in bottle caps.

Treasure Chests

A golden spray hand and jewel-shaped stickers and your children will enjoy it. of a treasure chest for your games and adventures.

Sensory play

Only with the tops of the wipes bags can we build this fantastic sensory game with which our baby will awaken his senses .

Breast milk container

Baby wipes containers are just the right size for a medium-sized zip bag , which allows us to freeze breastmilk extractions in a comfortable and orderly manner, taking up minimal space.

First aid kit

As you can see, of things inside and are ideal for setting a small first aid kit for our trips to the park.

Photo organizer

They are also the perfect size to store our photos and protect them from humidity.

Furniture for dolls

With colored felt and the flaps of the wipes bags, we can build a colorful little house for the wall of your bedroom, where we hide your photograph and the family in the door and windows. >

More ideas for storage

Here I bring you another way to decorate our storage boxes.

Game numbers, addition and subtraction

With the flaps of the wipes bags we can build this panel with which our children will learn to count and spelling the numbers. Later when they have mastered it, we can complicate the game with simple addition and subtraction.

Toy laptop

With a little paper and cardboard we can build this fun toy computer with the one that can imitate the adults and of step learn the alphabet, its spelling and order.

Sensory Mailbox

Just as they have fun getting things out of their interior, children can spend entertaining hours introducing pieces and sensory toys into the container.

Peer group organizers

No more throwing things in any way and way into the storage boxes. Thanks to the wipe containers you can keep your interior organized and find what you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Flip-flop toy

Family and kinship, animals and the alphabet, clothing and colors, anything or theme can be adapted to create a fantastic flip flop game adapted to the needs and learning level of our child, using the flaps of the bags and wipe parts.

h3> Drawer organizer

Why pay Ikea for its containers, if by recycling the boxes of wipes we can organize our drawers for free?

Travel bin

As with wool, any type of string, loop or ribbon we use in our crafts can be collected in the wipe box.

Medication Organizer

Your height and closure with lid makes the wipe cases perfect for our medicine bottles.

Also for pintauñas

Also, it is useful for picking up our nails, garden fairy

Decorating fairy doors in the nooks and crannies of the garden has become fashionable in the US and other Anglo-Saxon countries. If you also want to get started in this particular hobby, you can build your own doors by reusing the flaps of the wipe bags.