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Estación de tren en Villanueva de Córdoba. /SÁNCHEZ RUIZ

Estación de tren en Villanueva de Córdoba. /SÁNCHEZ RUIZ

Finding a clear and simple concept for a complex space with many conditioning factors is a challenge.

Customers acquired a 250m2 premises for double use of office and housing. The premises of almost square floor is located at street level and but natural light enters through the windows of the inner courtyard. As a ground floor of an estate with multiple upper floors the space is divided by numerous structural columns and downspouts.

We need 2 bedrooms, one or two bathrooms, kitchen and a multifunctional space for work, relaxation and meals. Space is also required for storage and household tasks such as washing machine etc. As a dominant criterion, an industrial aesthetic is sought, keeping the depth of space to the maximum. Basically we created two zones. A multifunctional and a private one, made up of living quarters.

The whole side consists of a stepped work that reaches half the height of the roof, difficult to take advantage of. On this construction we place cabinets or shelves that we integrate in the dormitories that we put in front. A front of these rooms is constituted by transparent glasses with blinds, oriented towards the windows of the interior facade.

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A space between columns gives access to the bedrooms and a small basin to the existing background, where we the space for washing machine, drying and storage of household utensils.

We use the remaining columns to form a third cabin for a larger bathroom. Both the front and the rear wall are formed by translucent glass to illuminate both the bathroom and the hallway behind.

The kitchen is located on the side of the bathroom where the downspout is located that serves both spaces. In this way we can drive the ventilation of both towards the facade of the patio.

In the back, in front of the windows, would be the relaxation area with sofa and armchairs. The machinery (thermal pumps) for the air conditioning will be located in the interior patio where the pipes start that they climatize the two zones from the ceiling. All the electrical wiring as the illumination, will be integrated in cable trays taken off from the ceiling.