The Fairy of Desires - World Primaria

The Fairy of Desires - World Primaria

The Fairy of Desires - World Primaria

Once upon a time there was a very pretty girl named Maria who lived in a charming country house. During the summer holidays, when the days were longer and sunny, Maria loved to run barefoot among the flowers and feel the ticklings of fresh grass underfoot. He would then sit in the shade of an almond tree to snack on as he watched the fragile flight of the butterflies, and when he was done, he was busy reading a book about enchanted princesses and toads he so loved.

mother, meanwhile, was in charge of doing all the tasks of the household: cleaning, cooking, feeding the chickens, tending the clothes on the ropes ... The poor did not rest throughout the day!

A of those afternoons of enjoyment under her favorite tree, Maria watched as her mother came out of the stable pushing a cart full of wood for the winter. The good woman was stooping and making great efforts to keep her balance, because at the slightest stumbling the trunks could fall to the ground.

The girl felt real pity to see her and without realizing it, she exclaimed aloud My mom spends the day working and that's not fair ... I would like to be a fairy like the fairy tales, a fairy of desires that could grant her everything she wanted!

Maria was startled and turned to see him.

an old woman with ash-colored hair and a kind smile.

- Who are you, ma'am?

- Dear child, that does not matter; I just passed by here, I heard your thoughts, and I think I should tell you something that might change your life and that of your dear mother.

- Tell me ... What do I have to know? >

Mary's eyes, large as moons, opened wide.

- Do you really believe that I am a fairy of desires?! old lady insisted:

- Of course! Be very attentive to your mother's wishes and you will see how you can make them happen.

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The little girl was very excited! He closed the book in his hands and ran to the house to find his mother. He found it by placing the logs one by one in the woodcutter.

- Mami, mami!

- What do you want, daughter? a question but I want you to be honest with me ... Do you have any special wishes that you want to be fulfilled?

Your mother was thoughtful for a few seconds and answered the first thing that occurred to her. > - Oh, the truth is yes! My wish is that you go to the store to buy a loaf of bread for dinner.

- Well, I wish!

Maria, very happy, went to the bakery and returned in a heartbeat.

- Here you have it, Mommy ... And look how warm I bring it! Oh, my daughter, how wonderful! You made my wish come true!

The girl was so excited that she started to give hopping for joy and begging his mother to confess to him another wish.

- Ask me for another one, whatever you want!

- Another? Let me think ... It's done! It's almost supper time. I want the table to be set before eight o'clock One thing less that I would have to do! ...

- Great, wish granted!

Maria went buzzing for the checkered tablecloth red ones that his mom kept in a kitchen cupboard and in a couple of minutes placed plates, glasses and spoons for soup. He then folded his napkins and put a small jug of daisies in the middle. His mother could not believe what he was seeing!

Maria smiled from ear to ear She felt so, so happy! ... She approached her mother and in a very low voice said in her ear:

- I'll tell you a secret! A good old lady told me today that, in fact, I am a fairy like those in fairy tales. A fairy of desires! You calm that from now on I am here to make all your dreams come true.

The woman felt very moved by the tenderness of her daughter and gave him a hug full of love. >