May 2008 | MY ALLEN KEY

Ascension " Chomi" is the author of this beautiful Japanese lounge or washitsu recreated inside a FRÖ greenhouse.

The floor is made of tatami, on which rests a typical low tables.

The floor is made of tatami, on which rests a typical low tables.

Here we have everything prepared to enjoy a typical Japanese food based on sushi.

If we look at

On these lines we see the indoor garden or tsuboniwa with the typical elements of these small spaces.


The garden is delicately separated by a shoji door traditionally made with translucent washi paper inside a wooden frame.

Selection | Bulbs and More | Extension of the University of Illinois
Bulbs can be obtained basically from three sources: mail-order companies, local nurseries, and convenience stores. discount. The great variety of colors, flowering time, plant height and shape make bulbs a good choice for garden design.

At one end of the tea room we see a Tokonoma, which exposes kakemonos, ykebanas and other objects of value.

A work worthy of praise, since it is planning

Congratulations to Ascension and thank you very much for sharing your work.

In the images, as small finds, we find many of the objects that make up a traditional Japanese home. with us.

Also, our thanks to Yolanda, always ready to connect with the world of miniatures.