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Meadow Club Mont | Total Health and Natural Life Club

Meadow Club Mont | Total Health and Natural Life Club

The acceleration of the rhythm of life, the stress of daily life and the process of industrialization has made us accustomed to rely on chemical drugs for any type of anomaly with our body, however small it may be. Self-medication is a more common and widespread social problem of our day brought about by the onerous gains that pharmaceutical industries generate.

In ancient times the use of medicinal properties of foods was commonly used, of these they extracted the vitamins, antioxidants and some minerals that are incredibly beneficial for our organism. Among the healthiest fruits are found as they contribute a high vitamin content to our body. Consuming some fruit in its natural or crude state reinforce the defenses of our body, favor detoxification, strengthen the muscle fiber, regulate our digestive system, among many other benefits.

Fruits can help us both in the intestine preventive or in the treatment of certain diseases or conditions, due to its natural properties rich in antioxidants.

Here you can know what these amazing fruits are, their main characteristics and what are the benefits that will improve our food according to our state of health.

1.- Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a fruit with similar characteristics to orange, this one has incredible properties that turn it into a natural antifebril. It is also an excellent relief at the digestive level, this is recommended for people with high cholesterol and also for those suffering from acidity. It helps to eliminate fluid retention and eradicate urinary tract infections.

Ranunculus acraeus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
R. acraeus has been confused with Ranunculus piliferus for small morphological differences to distinguish each plant. It grows in stable fields and in rocks that have fractured in thick and angular rocks of different sizes and shapes.

In turn helps reduce cholesterol and eliminate the accumulated acids in the body, thanks to its diuretic and mineralizing action. It is also used for the healing of wounds, burns or ligament tears, helping to combat arthritis.

3.- Cherries

Cherries are often used to heal problems that people can have in the vesicle. They have also been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation, treating infections and relieving constipation and fluid retention.

In addition to its depurative properties, its diuretic benefits, laxatives and disinfectants such as the benefits of caring for the heart, colon and other organs of the body.

4. Papaya

Its proteins reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of small wounds. It is a fruit rich in sugars, mineral salts and vitamins. It is used to treat skin ulcers, as well as stomach discomfort because of its high content of papain, a type of enzyme that helps good digestion.

5.- Lemon

the lemon is the one that brings more benefits to our organism. They are disinfectants, antiseptics and bactericides. They contain a high degree of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium; in addition to vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Lemons are highly recommended to treat kidney stones as it helps to reduce the size of the grit.

Lemon is also used as a natural antioxidant that serves to cure acne, improve digestion and increase the body's defenses. It also contains cleansing properties, combats arthritis, migraines, acidity, rheumatism and a host of ailments that we could be suffering.

As seen, fruits are our best ally when it comes to fighting diseases, without the need to have to incorporate chemicals into our bodies.