25 reasons why singling at age 20 is incredible

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Background by Disney Concept Artists Belle & Prince by

Soon I will turn 25, and guess what: I do not have the prospect of having a boyfriend or a husband in the near future. Now, if you ask my mom or grandmother, this would probably mean that my future is condemned to a life without love and to have a house full of cats, but I can not agree to that.

It seems that society and culture are obsessed with pigeon-holeing twenty-something women as poor single girls who unfortunately can not find a boyfriend. You see it all the time, in movies and 'witty' articles: a lonely and pathetic girl whose greatest joy and liking is watching Netflix marathons and eating pizza while drinking a bottle of wine alone and crying on Saturday night.

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I, for one, am fed up with this representation, and I could not feel further from this stereotype. I'll tell you a little secret: I've been alone for the past five years by choice! This may seem crazy to some of you, but I think the 20's are the perfect time to be alone.

I want to get married and have a family someday, and I do not look down when I see a happy couple . However, I believe that singleness is not just sit and wait for the prince desperately. Maybe we really like to be alone right now because it's a totally awesome time. That's why I want to share with you 25 reasons why singling her at age 20 is incredible.

1. You are totally and completely free

Your time and your decisions are all yours. You can do whatever you want, whenever and wherever you want

2. You do not have to give explanations to anyone on any subject

This is probably the only time in your life that this is going to be true. It is a luxury to respond for yourself and no one else. Neither your parents, nor your partner nor your children

3. You can travel to the end of the world.

You can spend time finding out who you really are and what you want in life, so go for it!

5. You can focus on your career

You can work late, change jobs or move to another city to enjoy your career if you want.

6. You have a bed for yourself. 7. Your free time is yours

You do not have to go to breakfast with your in-laws, or spend Sundays cleaning. You can spend your time reading, looking for new hobbies, learning a new language or just going out with your friends.

8. Your achievements and failures are all yours. 9. You can have millions of quotes

You can kiss different types of toads and find love with whomever you like.

10. You can be a lonely girl

The typical girl who watches online on a Saturday night or still wants to finish a book first of all; the one who does cultural tours on his own over the weekend, and that's fine too.

11. You do not have to shave or makeup all the time if you do not want

Is not that cute?

12. You can flirt with whoever you want

The good thing about not having a partner is that you can meet guys and if you want, go out with them, because during these years everything is about having fun.

13 . You can spend time getting to know your family again, as an adult

You do not have to split your vacation with your partner's family or spend your weekends with your family. You can spend quality time with your loved ones and build stronger relationships with them.

14. You learn to be independent in every sense of the word

You just have to trust yourself and grow to figure things out on your own.

15. You have no dramas or broken heart

You are your first priority.

18. You can learn about love for yourself and not depend on anyone else 's happiness 19. You have the opportunity to decorate your own apartment and have your own space 20. You can develop different skills that make you a better person (and a better partner when you find the right person)

You learn to cook, to save, to be independent and organized on your own.

h2> 21. Experiment and make mistakes

You can cut your hair or try a new style. You can lose yourself and find yourself again.

22. You have time to be creative and explore your passions 23. You will learn to love your body as it is, and you do not have to worry all the time 24. Life is unexpected

You never know what the next day can bring, who you will find or where you will go, because the world is a great adventure and these are the years in which you will see, no doubt.

25. You do not have to take life so seriously

There is plenty of time to worry about 'sitting head', but right now you can only enjoy being young, single and free.