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These are the details of our proposal for the Cuernava Railroad International Line Park Competition:

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The "Linear Railroad Park of Cuernavaca" represents the possibility of suturing and socially integrating part of the metropolitan territory through the construction of a social and environmental infrastructure that will integrate and reduce the conditions of inequality, consolidating and expanding public spaces, connecting new and existing facilities, integrating mobility networks and building a water landscape that encourages responsible management of rain water. A replicable model is proposed in other areas of the City with similar conditions that can generate quality spaces, continuous mobility networks and the reinjection of rainwater to the aquifer, recovering disused spaces through its transformation into green areas and recreation areas The proposal establishes a "Connective Tissue" whose unifying principle defines a transversal structure that seeks to reverse the segregating character of the train tracks, linking the different neighborhoods, colonies, facilities, public spaces and present productive zones.

along the route, reinforcing the linear identity of the park and maintaining the running of the train.

The study and management of rainwater is essential in the park and surrounding areas. Natural areas of accumulation and possible infiltration to the subsoil are located to generate a constant rhythm throughout the project and to establish a local infrastructural system capable of connecting by its extension to the transversal streets, becoming an element that gives character to the urban space since and to the linear park.

The 'Connective Tissue' is consolidated through the use of different materials, starting from the structure of the sleepers and highlighting the recycling of existing materials in the place. The transverse pavements are materialized through recycled sleepers, gravel, processed debris coming from remodelings, new buildings nearby and interventions in low plants that reconfigure their relationship with the park. This rhythm and the extension of the train tracks also translates into the structure of vertical elements that adapt to the character of the different sections and acquire different functions from lighting, shadows, hanging gardens, children's games, living areas, urban art, supports for the growth of vegetation and sculptural spaces that the neighbors. Jose Hesner Sánchez García, José Alfredo Ramírez Galindo, Clara Olóriz San Juan, Miguel Fermín Andrade Jiménez, Juan Felipe Ordóñez Cervantes, Liam Mouritz, Raúl Bielsa, Eugenia Cia, Juan Raúl Ríos Rojo, Alejandro Guevara Resenos, Ana Paulina Roldán Maya.