This entry is dedicated to show you several jobs that I have done this summer to this day.

Roser with a white foulard and a pendant that I did not use and inside I made some very handy pockets for the keys, mobile phone, bolis ... in order for everything we carry on.

This other basket was a commitment that my sister Marga had, I did not know what to give, the idea of ​​decorating and charming. And the end result was this ...

This one I did for my niece Thelma who was years old. The design is from the magazine Simply Vintage, with some details of its own.

This picture is for ... Ada indeed. A super friend of my daughter Gemma and as I had the new bedroom, I had to personalize it.

The bag you see is to take breakfast, I made it for Xisca, my son Xavi's teacher, who for personal reasons I could not finish it or give it to you in June and we gave it to you this September.

Family Commelinaceae
Infls. terminal and / or axillary, usually paniculiform, composed of a central axis with several to many cimosas, or non-branched branches, flowers.

With the fabric of the Matriuskas I look lovely, I bought it on a trip I made in February to Barcelona in Nunoya, the interior is with a matching little flower.

The next picture is a "Boc and Roll" that you will understand is a wrapper to carry the sandwich. This is its outer part.

Its inner part is plastified so that the fabric does not stain or stain everything that may have contact with it.

And, of course, you could not miss a lunch box to carry fruit.

And as the last work done this September is this lovely breakfast bag with some very funny owls, I saw it, I thought of my nephew Max, who started kindergarten.

I love it, because it has some very striking colors although it is not appreciated in the photo.

Well this is all for now, that you have a good weekend and a kiss for all.