Flowers on stripes - Marta CarriedoMarta Carriedo

Manuel and Poca Luz contemplate the graffiti on the school wall

Manuel and Poca Luz contemplate the graffiti on the school wall

Who said no to the pattern mix? You know that I am very fan of mixing prints and fabrics of all kinds and today it has been the turn of the striped flowers.

Since yesterday we were able to enjoy several fashion shows Madrid Fashion Show celebrated in the Palace of the Count Duke of Madrid. Among them I attended two that I especially liked: Poe & You and Lily Blossom. Completely opposite as day and night each had its charm and its particular way of presenting the new collection of summer of the coming year. I recommend that you visit your page more than I post here photos because the quality is not very good (to pass so fast models and with so little light do not look as good as those on the web that are study).

Cat Moon
The water is carried to the foot of the plant by means of hoses and poured with droppers that leaves it with a determined flow. For example hydroponics had a great boom in World War II: the American armies in the Pacific were supplied in hydroponic form.

I wanted so much to release my new "baby" (color-blocked bag in black and white) that I needed to combine it with something to match. Then I thought of my thousand-streaked skirt that I had not worn for some time. The leather top I thought of when I remembered Lily Blossom's Sado and Punk collection last year, so I did not want to get it off the hook. To break the bicolor and also bring color in these days that seems to be the last of summer and heat, I chose my blazer of flowers that goes with the purple heel of the shoes. With so many stripes and flowers I did not want to wear accessories so I did not recharge the outfit and I simply wore a small pendant with a red butterfly, also matching the jacket and floral style.

What do you think of this mixture of prints? Do you see it too much ?

I see some of you tonight in the VFNO and the others I will tell you all tomorrow ;-)