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RENAISSANCE: Among the writers, William Shakespeare is the principal representative of the Renaissance movement. RENAISSANCE: The period had its influence on architecture, sculpting, literature, and painting in particular.

The project seeks to contribute to ecological restoration in the Santa Lucia River basin, including productive buffer zones in family farms. In particular, the design and installation of 3 Agro Forest Systems buffer will be carried out, covering 4 hectares, with productive and demonstrative functions, implemented by the Rural Development Society of Melgarejo and its partners, in the Dogliotti junction area. The systematization of the methodology and techniques for the installation of these buffer systems will be carried out in family farms of restoration basins. One of the systems will be designed in the premises of the aforementioned Sociedad de Fomento, which is located at the junction of Route 46 and 64 to about 8km from Rio. A fodder board will be set up to consorciate forage species (Lotus uliginosus) and native forages (Bromus auleticus and Paspalum dilatatum), which will be managed as a forage bank. The low perimeters of the picture will be forested with native perennial trees, mainly legumes with forage potential. These will be set up in consortium with native fruit plants of high economic potential of selected genetics. The other sites in which they are located, located near the river, will be specific pilot experiences of management buffer zone for low-affluent tributaries and plains of the basin. Testing techniques for buffer zones will be established, which will include direct seeding, pellets, cuttings and transplants in islands / stands, consorted to forage tables.