The meaning of the colors of dead skulls |

The meaning of the colors of dead skulls |

The meaning of the colors of dead skulls |

On the day of the faithful departed, families gather to celebrate the lives of loved ones who have come forward.

This colorful tradition is celebrated in different ways, though one of the most common is to visit the tombs in the cemetery, to give altars and offerings while sharing stories of the lives of their dead and in many places can not miss the sugar skull style makeup.

And if you do not know why they paint their face like a skull. While for many it can be macabre, it is used to face the fear of death.

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Decorating skulls for altars with bright colors gives it life and looks positively.

In some places around the world they make masks as part of the celebration. It is believed that by covering their faces they become a version of themselves that they are not accustomed to see.

If you want to paint your face in the sugar skull style to celebrate the Day of the Dead, list of colors you can use and their meaning.

Red : represents the blood of our body, Christians can see it as the blood of Jesus. > Orange : represents the sun Yellow: strong> Purple : it represents pain, in other cultures it symbolizes wealth and royalty Pink : hope, purity and celebration White : also represents purity and hope Black : the land of death


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