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Photo: Teresa Fernández Naranjo

. Shrub or small tree whose height can vary between 0.6 and 3 m, with large dark green toothed leaves (7 to 16 cm) and small yellow inflorescences. The striking bracts that form the upper part of the plant, red, pink, greenish white or yellowish white are often confused with flowers.

Flowers in winter. In the northern hemisphere it flowers from November to February and it is essential that the plant does not receive light for 12 hours, approximately from October until Christmas to flower.

Find the day of your birthday and find your tree ... once located look below the explanation about it. It is interesting and somehow precise, as well as being part of Celtic astrology.

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The Easter Flower, Poinsetia or Pascuero is originally from Mexico and very decorative; not in vain, "pulcherrima" means "the most beautiful". Its colorful bracts are in different colors: red, yellow, salmon, white, etc. I say bracts and not flowers because those "petals" we see are not such but are called botanically bracts. The same thing happens with the Buganvillas, that what we call flowers are actually bracts