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Rincón Bant

Rincón Bant

View of the valley near Hajir

I write with a time lapse of several months. The temperatures at this time, despite being a mild August, would not allow these wanderings. In yet another geological outlet at work (yes, Oman is in fact the geologists paradise) we set out for the mountains.

The mountains of Oman, west of Muscat were formed in a simplified way by the clash of oceanic crust with the plate of Arabia. Generally the oceanic plate dives under the continental one in a called process of subduction, but not infrequently part of this oceanic crust is also obductada, or transported up of the continental crust. This portion of "ocean on land" is called Ophiolite and Oman is one of the best known and best studied in the world. To accompany this oceanic crust, in addition to other more complex processes, there are sedimentary rocks that are much more interesting than the ophiolite (sorry for fellow petrologists, it's true). For oil companies this is a treat since they can see the surface - and in Oman often means 100% of outcrop - rocks equivalent to those that observe, much more limited, in the subsurface.

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What is a good birdwatcher? > A good birding is a walk in search of bird sighting, an activity that brings you satisfaction. In places of natural vegetation, especially woodland, what you see from 6am to 11am does not compare to the rest of the day.

The terraces of cultivation in the village of Wazma in Sahtan.

On this exit we have analyzed ancient rocks, contemporary with the appearance of multicellular life, in a "geological window". All the newer rocks that were on top were eroded, exposing the nucleus of a gigantic anticlinal fold. Needless to say, the kilometer amphitheater created by this structure is brutal. In its center runs the wadi Sahtan and the zone is called Sahtan bowl, the cup of Sahtan. To skirt this amphitheater vertical cliffs rise hundreds of meters. At the top some of the highest peaks in Oman, such as the Jebel Shams.

Several heavy days in the physical but invigorating in the spirit.

The elevated view of the south side of the magnificent Sahtan amphitheater