A moose gets caught in a tarp in the garden of a couple in Oregon

Claudio Orrego

Claudio Orrego

March 29 (UPI) - A curious elk was filmed with his horn tangled in a tarp in an Oregon man's backyard.

RJ Marx posted a video on Facebook showing a group of elk that were in their yard of Gearhart during the weekend when one of them ends up with one of its antlers trapped in a great blue tarpaulin.

The elk struggles to break free, while a female moose is stomping on the canvas in an apparent attempt to help him.

Claudio Orrego
Claudio Orrego @Orrego

The moose finally gives up the fight and flees with its cohorts, still dragging the canvas into one of its antlers. say there are more moose than people in Gearhart, Oregon, "wrote Marx. "They are heard when they approach by the whisper of the trees and the distinctive tone of their voices." On a rainy Sunday, they settled on our lawn. "Young people like to have fun and he found the perfect toy, a blue tarp Perfect until he got stuck with his antlers! "

Marx's wife, Eva, said that the moose was finally able to break free.

" He managed to get it off an account houses later down the street, I recovered the tarp and all grazed peacefully ten minutes later on the golf course, "he wrote in a Facebook comment.

Although unfortunately this day we could not get to work because of the weather, it allowed us to organize for the later days. The ground crew, for its part, received a call saying that a dead cetacean had been sighted in the vicinity of the airport.