Black thread



The band releases their fourth studio album EP-KDO, which shows their funniest side

Locos Celos is the first single;

The Mexican rock band has evolved and found a different way to make music and share it with their fans.

With a trajectory of almost 10 years in the national scene, Hilo Negro launches its fourth musical production EP-KDO, with which mark a watershed in its race and they are arranged to show the public its more amusing, antisolemne side and playful.

The experiences and learnings acquired in his three previous albums Ecléctiko (2010), Giran los soles (2012) and Quantum (2014) and their respective tours, brought the group to the state of personal maturity and "The band has gained public respect and recognition of criticism throughout our career, but we have been told that the band has been re-inventing the Black Thread. seen as a very serious and solemn group, even dark; in part because of the music we have done and the scenic theatricality of our vocalist Julieta Soto, "they explain.

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" But few know that Juliet is one of the funniest, , witty and funny you can imagine. We know the members of the group who live with her and during the rehearsals we laugh and have a good time, "they add.

" So we decided to show this side of Juliet and Black Hilo, a group of rock carefree, carefree, unpretentious, mischievous, laughter and, of course, with a lot of energy. "

In this way EP-KDO appears, an EP with four songs and a pun invites you to sin, but not in the sense of evil, but in the sense of fun.

Locos Celos is the first single from EP-KDO, the fourth studio album from Black Hilo, in which the band shows its more fun, uninhibited side and The song appeared in a jam during the rehearsal and was later arranged together with the record producer, the experienced Pablo Novoa.

With Locos Celos the group decided to rock the old fashioned way, without pretensions or complications. A direct theme with riffs of guitars and a rhythmic base that invites to dance, to jump and to sing on a feeling that we have all lived to a greater or less degree: the jealousy that causes to see to the beloved being besieged by a rival . With this song and the others that make up the EP-KDO, the group has "reinvented the Black Hilo", as it has renewed itself in music, lyrically and spiritually to deliver to its followers a strong, direct and melodic rock with sounds clean, without artifice of study and a high dose of mischief and anti-isolation, the true spirit of rock.
For this release, Hilo Negro begins a tour of presentations by the circuit of clubs of Mexico City and the interior of the Mexican Republic and a media tour for all daily newspapers and magazines, radio and television programs; as well as a strong work in social networks.