You have to be friends! Yuya

You have to be friends! Yuya

You have to be friends! Yuya

A few weeks ago on my channel, I said: You have to be friends! And today, I come to tell you with luxury of detail of what is what is in my head. Please keep reading until the end (because yes, I get a little intense with the subject).

Well, I found a few figures that made me think about these issues of being more united ; it turns out that the US Embarrassment Institute has found that 31 percent of bullys in their jobs are women and that they also attack other girls on 68 percent of the time. Very sad, right? In Mexico there are no such precise figures, but surely, we are not that far away.

I always insist (and will continue to do so) that the main thing is to be always yourselves and to do in life what the make you happier, no matter what (OBVIOUS NOTHING LAST TO ANYONE). Accepting is the most important thing! But accepting and respecting others, especially among women, seems not so simple. Or is it?

A simple ugly comment on social networks, a bad vibe (direct or indirect), can do a lot of harm to another person. And I ask myself one thing: How will it be possible to conquer triumphs, growth and goals if we fail to support each other?

Wasting our wonderful abilities, hurting others sounds like a lousy plan. p> So easy, NOT ALL THE WORLD IS LIKE YOU, we all grew up in a different way, with different people and logically we think and act differently and you know what ?, it makes me one of the most beautiful things in the world, LA DIVERSITY.

You do not need to match other women, but just RESPECT.

Felt and Pine Cone Elves - Lia Griffith
With some scissors, hot glue (you can substitute tacky glue) and black and red pens, these little elves come to life simply. Oh what fun you can make different variations! Why not try adding some braids? Below you will see my step-by-step tutorial.


Sorry, guys, if you already read the whole note , he sure left them something. But now, this is for my beautiful girls: from the heart, I hope they open up to a change of attitude in front of other girls, women, ladies, moms, nurses, schoolgirls, bloggeras, heads, choferas, policemen, teachers ... Anyway, we are all valuable! And nothing that others do justifies any kind of violence, whether verbal or emotional, against someone.

If you agree with me, send me a tweet using the hashtag #TeamWe love you and join my team!

I love you always, Yuya.