CAKE ATTRACTION | My passion for baking

CAKE ATTRACTION | My passion for baking

CAKE ATTRACTION | My passion for baking

My daughter Claudia asked me for a My Little Pony cake for her fourth birthday. The truth is that the subject is complicated, because really ... it is a very cheesy subject !!. So it was a challenge to try to make a cake of My Little Pony without it being extremely pink, and multicolored ... And after thinking a little this has been the result, I hope you like it. > Ingredients for the cake (20 cm mold) 320 g eggs
120 g egg yolks
330 powdered sugar
200 g egg whites
75 g cacao
70 gr flour
1 yeast envelope

Ingredients for Butter Cream450 gr unsalted butter at room temperature
170 gr egg white
> 250 gr sugar
1 pinch of salt
1 teaspoon and a half of strawberry paste

Ingredients for decoration700 gr of white fondant
Colored dyes
Maicena (to avoid sticking the fondant)
Modeling and cutter
Small flower cutter
Small beads
A porexpan base (optional)

How to prepare the sponge cake orno at 220 degrees. Sift cocoa powder with flour and yeast, and reserve. Assemble the yolks with the whole eggs and 200 gr of sugar, until it is fluffy. In another bowl, mount the egg whites to the point of snow and add the rest of the sugar at the end, slowly without stopping.

Incorporate the egg whites into the egg yolk mixture and sugar. Pour the flour and cocoa powder in the form of rain and mix with the aid of a spatula, making sure it is not lower.

Bake for 12 - 15 minutes or until punched with a toothpick, it comes out clean. Leave to stand for 5 minutes in the same mold. Unmold on a rack until it cools down completely.

Remove the bowl from the water bath and beat with electric rods at low speed. Increase the speed gradually until reaching medium - high speed and beat for approximately 10 minutes until there is a smooth and fluffy meringue. We will know that we should stop beating when the mixture is cool to the touch.

While still beating at medium speed, gradually add the butter that should be cut into pieces not too large and at room temperature. Mix well after each addition ensuring that it is well-integrated before adding more butter. Once it is all integrated, add the vanilla and the strawberry and beat about two minutes more. You can add a pinch of pink dye if you wanted it with a higher rose.

How to prepare the cake before decorating Fill the cake with the strawberry butter cream . I usually use the tool to make ice cream balls to put the same amount of cream in each layer. So when you cut the cake it becomes more beautiful and homogeneous the thickness of each layer.

Cover the cake with the butter cream and smooth it with the aid of a trowel. / p>

I usually use a turntable to make it easier for me. While you are turning the cake you hold the palette on the side and thus ensure a smooth finish. Let cool slightly in the refrigerator before putting the decoration.

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How to prepare the decorationPosition six fondant balls of about 40 grams each and dye them from the colors we see in the photo. Wrap each ball in transparent film until we do not use it.

2) To make the clouds we will have to make balls of different sizes and we will join them irregularly. Stretch a little thin fondant with the roller and cover the balls by swiping the finger to join it and leave it as the photo.

3) To make Rainbow Dash we must start by the legs. It is good to have a base where you can punch them to make them easier to mold and then to dry before placing them on the cake, I usually use a porexpan base. We will put a stick on each leg so that it is more robust.

We will prepare the head of our small pony . To do this we must make a ball we will turn in the hands to ensure that remain as smooth as possible, slightly pinch a part to make the nose. With the help of the stele we will make the mouth and with a stick the nose. In order to make the eyes we will make a white ball that we will press until it is very smooth (it is important that it is as thin as possible because if you do not see the layers of the eyes). We will do the same with a slightly smaller blue that we will place on top, a black one and finally we will put two little white balls to simulate the center of the eye. Then you will only have to make a very fine churro to make the eyelashes.
Then we will make the body. It is about making a cylinder that will make it a little thinner on one side and that we will twist to make the shape that we need. Put it on the legs and place the head that we will also put with a small toothpick.

We will make the ears with small triangles that we will form with the stele and that we will hit with a little water. of our small pony you can make them with a few small churros that we put together as we want, I leave the photo for you to help you.

And that's it. It is important to let it dry for a day or two before you put it on the cake to make it stand.
Decorate the cake. Put our Rainbow Dash on one side.

And in this case I made a 4 with a little fondant (I just made a churro mixed with some tilosa powder so that it hardens) and let it dry one day with the shape that you want.
The flowers I have made with a special cutter, although it is optional same as the 4!.

rainbow in front and finally place the flowers. I hope you have enjoyed it!
Note: Paco Torreblanca's cake. Butter cream Loleta Linares. Inspired by Francesca Sugar Art

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